Public Education

The Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in School Initiative (JC PandA) organizes various public education activities to promote mindfulness culture.  Let’s practise mindfulness together!

“Mindfulness in the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic” Gathering Session


Jon Kabat-Zinn, a renowned mindfulness teacher once said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” This is a positive way to cope with adversity. Today, as we face the coronavirus pandemic, many of us may feel panic, angry, and helpless. KabatZinn’s words are particularly meaningful in this moment. Instead of cocooning in panic, why not start taking good care of ourselves through practising mindfulness? The great surge has already been built, let’s learn how to surf!

Mindful Monday


Mindfulness is the awareness arising from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. It is also about compassionate acceptance of ourselves. “Mindful Monday” encourages us to start our week with various mindfulness practices such as sitting, stretching, walking, and body scan. An educational psychologist from the JC PandA will provide guided mindfulness practices in the coming Mondays. Students, staff, alumni and the general public are welcome to join any or all sessions.

Mindful Evening


Mindful Evening provides us with an opportunity to practise mindfulness together as a way to take care of ourselves at the end of a busy day. An educational psychologist from the JC PandA and school personnel from the organizing school will guide various mindfulness practices in the evening gatherings.

Mindfulness Day for Parents


Parenting is a precious and joyful journey. However, it may also bring affliction. In the day-to-day family life, being a parent can feel like an overwhelming and endless task. In the heat of the moments, parents may react with anger. JC PandA is going to organise Mindfulness Day for Parents, which aims at helping parents to explore how to bring mindful attention to the everyday family life and regain their inner strength.