Public Education

The Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in School Initiative (JC PandA) organises various public education activities to promote mindfulness culture.  Let’s practise mindfulness together!

Mindful Monday


Mindfulness is the awareness arising from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. It is also about compassionate acceptance of ourselves. “Mindful Monday” encourages us to start our week with various mindfulness practices such as sitting, stretching, walking, and body scan. A mindfulness teacher from the JC PandA will provide guided mindfulness practices on Monday. Students, staff, alumni and the general public are welcome to join any or all sessions.

Weekend Practice


‘Weekend Practice’ is an online group practice space especially designed for the graduates of eight-week mindfulness courses. Through 30 minutes of guided practice (mainly sitting meditation) in regular gatherings, we aim to deepen our practice of mindfulness in a supportive group environment.

Mindfulness Resources Packages Dissemination Workshop


JC PandA will organise a Dissemination Workshop, to disseminate two resources packages. Teachers and helping professionals can use these resources packages to conduct mindfulness activities. The first resources package, ‘Workshop on Introduction to Mindfulness,’ is designed for the general public, while the second resources package, ‘Workshop on Mindful Coping with Academic Stress,’ is designed for secondary school students. Educators and helping professionals who want to use these resources packages are welcome to join.

Third Anniversary Sharing Webinar


JC PandA organised the Third Anniversary Sharing Webinar in collaboration with nine seed schools. Experience on cultivating mindfulness culture at schools has been shared.

“Mindfulness in the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic” Gathering Session


Jon Kabat-Zinn, a renowned mindfulness teacher once said, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” This is a positive way to cope with adversity. Today, as we face the coronavirus pandemic, many of us may feel panic, angry, and helpless. KabatZinn’s words are particularly meaningful in this moment. Instead of cocooning in panic, why not start taking good care of ourselves through practising mindfulness? The great surge has already been built, let’s learn how to surf!

Mindfulness Activities organised by Resources Schools


The nine resources schools joining JC PandA serve as the resources hubs to connect with the affiliated schools and schools from the nearby community, building an extensive mindfulness educators’ community in Hong Kong. Members from the public are welcome to join the mindfulness activities organised by these resources schools located in different districts of Hong Kong.

‘Introducing Mindfulness’ Course


This course is developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and aims at offering a brief taste of mindfulness practice and theory. Participants will learn in a group setting with a particular theme each week followed by home practice that consolidates their learning.

Mindful Alcohol Ink Art Workshop


Amidst the stressful examination period, mindfulness can provide a space for us to slow down and pay attention to the present moment by engaging in artwork creation. During the workshop, participants will create alcohol ink crystal balls, gain a basic understanding of the principles of mindfulness and how to integrate them into art and daily life.

Mind Jar Workshop


The Mind Jar Workshop is a student-led programme under the JC PandA, aiming at creating a supportive environment for students to relax near the end of a semester.

Mindfulness Day for Parents


Parenting is a precious and joyful journey. However, it may also bring affliction. In the day-to-day family life, being a parent can feel like an overwhelming and endless task. In the heat of the moments, parents may react with anger. JC PandA is going to organise Mindfulness Day for Parents, which aims at helping parents to explore how to bring mindful attention to the everyday family life and regain their inner strength.