(This guidebook is in Chinese.)

Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative (JC PandA) has been working closely with 9 seeds schools and 27 affiliated schools to develop mindfulness school culture since 2019. The benefits of mindfulness are being brought to thousands of students, teachers and parents. The implementation of the project has epitomized the ambition, insight and courage of the educators in Hong Kong. To share their precious experience with the likeminded educators who also aspire to promote the well-being of school community, Professor Shui-fong Lam, Director of JC PandA, with three Educational Psychologists from the project, have written a guidebook entitled “Mindfulness Culture in Schools” (《靜觀校園文化》).

The copyright of the guidebook is owned by the Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong. You are welcome to download and disseminate the guidebook, with the source indicated, for non-profit educational or research purposes. Nevertheless, if you would like to replicate or reproduce any content of the guidebook (including any texts, diagrams and graphics) for publication or other purposes, a written consent from the authors must be obtained in advance. For enquiries, please contact us via email at

The guidebook consists of five chapters:

Chapter 1
“Mindfulness and Education”
Unravel the doubts about mindfulness; explain the effectiveness of mindfulness, and its contribution to the education sector. Download
Chapter 2
“Mindfulness School”
Introduce the visions, strategies and implementation of JC PandA; report on the initial
results of different areas.
Chapter 3
“Development of Mindfulness Culture”
Discuss five major obstacles in developing mindfulness culture in schools and the
corresponding solutions.
Chapter 4
“Experience Sharing”
Share the practical experience and insight from schools, under four key aspects of
daily operation of school.
Chapter 5
“Summary and Prospect”
Review previous work, and anticipate possibilities and potential in the future. Download