Principal Investigator

Dr. Gloria Wong

B.A. (HKU), Ph.D. (HKU)

Gloria Wong is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong, and Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London, UK. Her key research area includes youth mental health, with a special focus on early intervention and prevention. She leads large-scale research on mental health services of the government, charitable trusts, and non-governmental organisations, including community support services for youth with early distress signals, to enable wider implementation and scaling up of evidence-based services.



Dr. Winnie CHAN

B.Soc.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HKU)

Winnie CHAN is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling at the Education University of Hong Kong. She obtained her doctorate degree at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and is a registered educational psychologist. Currently, she leads the Learning and Development Laboratory at HKU. She has been working on projects with the aim of helping children to become better learners, especially in the area of mathematics. As a co-investigator of the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative, she is interested in promoting mental health in school.

Dr. Hu Xiaoqing Photo


Dr. HU Xiaoqing

B.S. (Zhejiang University), M. Ed (Zhejiang Normal University), M.S. (Northwestern University), Ph.D. (Northwestern University)

Dr. HU Xiaoqing is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, and a Principal Investigator in the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the relationship between sleep, memory, emotion and social decision making, and how to modulate memories during sleep. His research is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Research Grants Council Early Career Scheme, General Research Fund etc. Dr. Hu’s research is recognized by the Outstanding Young Research Award of HKU (2022), APS Rising Star Award (2021). He has published over 40 peer-review research articles in Science, Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Science, SLEEP, Emotion, Cognition, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Journal of Sleep Research, etc. He is a reviewer for NSFC, US NSF, Swiss NSF, Belgium FWO, and for over 30 journals including Psychological Bulletin, JEP General, NeuroImage, Cerebral Cortex, Human Brain Mapping, etc.

Lucy Hsu


Dr. Lucy HSU

B.S. (UMich), M.S. (UMich), Ph.D. (HKU)

Lucy Hsu is a Registered Educational Psychologist (HKPS DEP) in Hong Kong, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and the principal investigator of Child Language & Learning (ChiLL) Laboratory. Her research focus on bilingual and language development, mainly in children with dyslexia. She start practicing mindfulness since 2016 and have finished the 12-month Foundation Course for Teaching Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) jointly organized by Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness Center, Teach .b foundation and Teach dots programme certified by UK Mindfulness in School Project (MiSP), Teacher Training in MYMind for children with ASD/ADHD and Mindful Parenting. As the co-investigator and a volunteer teacher of the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative, she helps to teach .b foundation courses and conduct research related to mindfulness.



Dr. Shirley LI

Honours. B.Sc (University of Toronto), M.A. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), D.Clin.Psy (University College London)

Shirley LI is an assistant professor in Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. She graduated from the University of Toronto where she received her Honours BSc in psychology. She obtained her MA and PhD in Medical Sciences (Psychiatry) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psy) from the University College London. She is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Her work aims to translate research into practice and to inform the development of evidence-based interventions to improve sleep and health in children and adolescents. She received the Elio Lugaresi WASM Award for Sleep Medicine from the World Association of Sleep Medicine in 2009, and the Young Investigator Award in the World Congress on Sleep Medicine in 2013 and 2015 respectively. She obtained the Outstanding Early Investigator Award (Honorable Mention) from Sleep Research Society in 2017. As a co-investigator of Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative, Dr. LI is interested in promoting mindfulness culture and conducting research related to mindfulness.

Kathy Shum_photo_v3


Dr. Kathy SHUM

B.Sc. (U. of Toronto), M.Sc. (U. of Toronto), PC.Ed. (HKU), PC.Psy. (HKU), Ph.D. (HKU)

Kathy SHUM graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and Master’s Degree in Physiology, with special research interest in diabetes. She chose to pursue a career in education after obtaining her Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Hong Kong. After seven years of teaching at a secondary school, she started anew in the field of psychology under the Postgraduate Certificate of Psychology, and continued to complete her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. She is currently the director of the Master of Social Sciences Programme in Educational Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include reading acquisition, biliteracy development, educational intervention, curriculum and instruction, and children with ASD and ADHD.



Dr. Bernard WONG


Bernard WONG is a Professional Consultant in the Department of Educational Psychology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor of Social Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy (with a specialisation in Educational Psychology) degrees from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to his current position, Dr. WONG was the Director of General Education at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dr. WONG is also a registered Educational Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society. He is currently serving as the Chairperson of Division of Educational Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society. As a long-serving scout leader, Dr. WONG is interested in promoting leadership and personal enrichment initiatives for adolescents and young adults. Currently, he is interested in exploring how mindfulness-based interventions could be incorporated in school-based and community-based programmes.

Savio Wong_adjusted size


Dr. Savio WONG


Savio is the Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Psychology and Director of the Laboratory for Brain and Education (LABBE) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor in Cognitive Science and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong and postdoctoral training at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Southern California. He received Fulbright-RGC HK Senior Research Scholar Award and was appointed as Visiting Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2018. His research interests are in neural mechanism of impulsivity and decision-making in adolescents, psychophysiological markers of emotion, application of wearable sensors in special education (e.g., assisting the learning of students with autism or ADHD).

Representative from Resources Schools

Ms. Ivy YIP

Man Kiu Association Primary School

Ms. Tze Hang FONG

HHCKLA Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School

Ms. Lai Ting WONG

HK Juvenile Care Centre Chan Nam Cheong Memorial School

Ms. Lai Nga CHIU

HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

Ms. Mei Ling LEUNG

HKTA Shun Yeung Primary School

Ms. Yuk Ping LEONG

Po Leung Kuk Yao Ling Sun College

Mr. Wai Ki CHU

SKH Kei Fook Primary School

Ms. Stella CHAN

St. Mark’s School

Mr. Tak Kan CHEUK

Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School

Helen MA_photo

Dr. Helen MA

Helen MA, the Founding Teacher of the Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness, obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong, and Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge. She has served as a clinical psychologist in Hong Kong and Australia and taught mindfulness in Hong Kong and overseas. In recent years, she has devoted herself to training MBSR and MBCT teachers in the Chinese-speaking region. She is an MBSR trainer and supervisor recognised by the Mindfulness Center at the Brown University. She is currently an Associate Teacher and Trainer of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, U.K.



Kam Fung CHOW YEUNG is a registered Educational Psychologist. She was the Head of the Educational Psychological Services Section of the Education Bureau, HKSAR before retirement. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree, Postgraduate Certificate of Education and Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She also got her Master’s degree in Christian Studies and is now an accredited practitioner of Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) of the Association in the United Kingdom (AVIGuk). After retirement, she commits herself to voluntary educational services in both Hong Kong and the mainland. She is keen to promote Paired Reading in local preschools by establishing a system supported by school heads, teachers and parents that works to sustain children’s interest and habit in reading. The effectiveness of the program is confirmed by the study of the Psychology Department of HKU. She is the member of the Advisory Board of the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative.


Dr. Chi Keung MAK

Chi Keung MAK, a retired Secondary School Principal, obtained both his Bachelor’s degree in Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the University of Hong Kong and Doctor of Philosophy with specialization in Chemistry from the City University of Hong Kong. Following his retirement, Dr. MAK continues to contribute in voluntary social services such as Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Council, committee member of the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee, and the secondary school manager. Dr. MAK’s aspiration for education is to promote whole-person education which is of great significance to the full development of the physical and mental health and moral values of students. Dr. MAK takes part in the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative in hope that knowledge exchange with teachers will help to promote the full development of the physical and mental health of students.

Shuk In TSE_photo

Ms. Shuk In TSE

Shuk In TSE is a school manager of a secondary school and nursery school and a columnist of a moral education periodical. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Master’s degree in Education specialising Counselling and Early Childhood Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She was a former deputy chief executive (education), HKYWCA; school supervisor; exco member of Council of Non-profit making Organizations for Pre-primary Education (CNOPE); chairperson of the school social work service coordinating committee of HKCSS; fieldwork instructor, CUHK; author of ‘70 effective ways to communicate with parents’. She believes education is the foundation for life enhancement and social development, and she strives to promote mental health of students, teachers and parents through the JC PandA.



Professor Shui-fong LAM

B.A. (CUHK), PGDE (CUHK), M.Ed. (U. of Texas), Ph.D. (U. of Minnesota)

Shui-fong LAM is a Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She obtained her Bachelor’s degree and post graduate diploma in education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master’s degree (counselling psychology) from the University of Texas, and doctoral degree (school psychology) from the University of Minnesota. She was a recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award from the HKU, the Outstanding International Scholar Award from the International School Psychology Association, and the Knowledge Exchange Award from the Social Sciences Faculty at HKU. She is now the Director of the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative. It is her aspiration to promote mental health of students, teachers, and parents in Hong Kong through the training and research in mindfulness.

Tel: (852) 3917 2388



Educational Psychologist

Mr. Denis KWAN

B.Soc.Sc. (HKU), PGDE (CUHK), MECP (HK PolyU)

Denis KWAN is a registered educational psychologist. He provided school-based educational psychology service for many local primary and secondary schools in his previous services. Since 2012, he started practising mindfulness, and delivering mindfulness training to students and teachers. He was also involved in research on mindfulness conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Raising two kids, he wishes to exchange views with parents on mindful parenting and parenting in general.

Tel: (852) 3910 2189



Educational Psychologist

Dr. Jessie CHOW

B.Ed. (HKU), PCPsych (HKU), M.Soc.Sc. (HKU), Ph.D. (CityU)

Jessie started her career as an educational psychologist to support students, families and teachers in mainstream schools, schools for social development and also an NGO focusing on gifted education. In recent years she worked in the field of teacher education at the Faculty of Education, HKU, and supported pre- and in-service teachers’ development through a multiple-award-winning experiential learning curriculum. Jessie has been the recipient of several individual and team awards, most notably the Gold Award for Presence Learning at the QS ‘Oscars for Education’ in 2020. Her published research and fieldwork experiences include design thinking, experiential learning, gifted education, intercultural competence and social emotional learning. Jessie believes in the wisdom of looking within and she has personally benefited greatly from the practice of mindfulness. She hopes to continue this co-learning journey through her participation in this project.

Tel: (852) 3910 2190



Educational Psychologist

Dr. Nelly TONG

B.Soc.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HKU)

Ying TONG, a registered educational psychologist, provided school-based educational psychology service for local primary and secondary schools, as well as developed evidence-based preschool parenting program. Ying is passionate about nurturing a sense of self-compassion among teachers, students as well as parents through cultivating mindful culture in schools. She is also interested in how mindfulness could enhance eudaimonic well-being of individuals.

Tel: (852) 3910 2190


Michael Su_photo

Educational Psychologist

Mr. Michael R. SU

B.Sc. (Imperial), M.Sc. (Oxon), P.C.Psy. (HKU), M.Soc.Sc. (HKU)

Michael R. SU is a registered Educational Psychologist accredited by the Department of Health. He was responsible for providing school-based educational psychology service to local primary and secondary schools during his tenure with the Education Bureau. Michael is dedicated to promoting the education, research, and practice of mindfulness and developing a mindful culture amongst students, teachers, parents, and the general public. His research interest lies in the interrelations between mindfulness, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Tel: (852) 3910 2189



Assistant Research Officer

Mr. Ken WU

B.Soc.Sc. (CityU), M.Phil. (CUHK)

Ken WU obtained his Master of Philosophy degree from the Department of Educational Psychology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining the JC PandA, he had participated in different electroencephalography (EEG) studies. His target subjects include adults and also children and adolescents with special education needs such as behavior problems and dyslexia. During the internship of his undergraduate study, he met a mindfulness practitioner and started to know about mindfulness. He hopes to study and promote mindfulness practice from a neuroscience point of view. He wants to use EEG to investigate how mindfulness can change the mechanism of the brain and lead to wellness.

Tel: (852) 3910 2983


Terry NG photo

Research Assistant

Mr. Terry Ng

B.B.A. (HKU), M.Soc.Sc. (HKU)

Terry NG obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with first class honors (majoring in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design and Human Resources Management) and Master’s degree of Social Sciences in the field of Psychology. He can speak six languages, including Spanish, German, and Japanese. Before joining JC PandA, he aimed at using the Singapore Bar Model Method to help primary school students to solve word problems. Now, he hopes to promote mindfulness to students, parents, and teachers to enhance their levels of resilience and grit.

Tel: (852) 3910 5176


Lia_s Bio_portrait2

Project Manager


B.Soc.Sc. (HKBU), M.A. (CUHK)

Lia TSANG has a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Sociology from the Hong Kong Baptist University and a Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Management from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is experienced in project management, event planning, academic research and administration in higher education. She organised art exhibitions and public education programmes with various objectives, such as to evoke empathy towards underprivileged groups and to raise environmental awareness.

Lia supports gender equality and LGBTQI rights. She has a great passion for art, ranging from conventional forms to popular culture; from literature, visual art and performing art to fashion, movie and music. She is interested in incorporating mindfulness practice with art making and art appreciation.

Tel: (852) 3917 1261



Senior Executive Assistant

Ms. Kelly WAI

B.Sc. (HKU)

Kelly WAI assists in the implementation of the JC PandA, ranging from financial and logistic matters of various activities to general office operation. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Chemistry. She is aware of the impact of work stress on mental health. In order to better take care of herself, she joined an online mindfulness course and experienced the positive impact of mindfulness on mental well-being. Through participating in the JC PandA, she wishes to promote mindfulness to the general public so they will be able to cope with difficulties with a positive attitude.

Tel: (852) 3917 1250



Project Coordinator

Ms. Emily MA

B.B.A. (CityU)

Emily MA’s duties include providing administrative support , event management, and liaising and coordinating with different stakeholders. She is currently studying the Master of Social Work in the University of Hong Kong. She is passionate in working in children and youth services, particularly concerns about the students’ mental health issues. Knowing that mindfulness can relieve pressure and build resilience, she hopes to promote mindfulness in the society and applies it in her future services.

Tel: (852) 3917 1251


Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Sumee CHAN

Clinical Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2020 Fall

white background

Volunteer Teacher

Dr. Valda CHO

Clinical Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2020 Fall

white background

Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Polly HUNG

Social Worker

Teaching Period: 2019 Fall, 2020 Spring

Polly Hung

Volunteer Teacher

Dr. Connie KOO

University Lecturer

Teaching Period: 2020 Spring, 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring

Connie Koo

Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Aya KWAN

Social Worker

Teaching Period: 2021 Fall

Aya Kwan

Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Esther KWOK

University Lecturer, Speech Therapist

Teaching Period: 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring

Esther Kwok

Volunteer Teacher

Dr. Wilbert LAW

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2021 Fall

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Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Esther LEUNG

Social Worker

Teaching Period: 2020 Spring, 2021 Spring


Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Amanda LI

Clinical Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2019 Fall

Amanda Li

Volunteer Teacher

Ms. Queenie LIU

Educational Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2021 Fall , 2022 Spring


Volunteer Teacher

Mr. Siu Chung TANG

Mindfulness Teacher, Social Worker

Teaching Period: 2022 Spring


Volunteer Teacher

Dr. Samantha YUNG

Clinical Psychologist

Teaching Period: 2020 Spring

Samantha Yung

Current Research Interns (2022 Summer)


Ms. Tammy CHAN

曹朗晴 Ocean Cho 1

Ms. Ocean CHO


Ms. Creamy CHUNG


Ms. Ivy LAM


Ms. Monique LEE


Ms. Katie LEUNG


Ms. Noel YUEN

Past Team Members


Ms. Henrietta LAI


Mr. Neil CHAN


Ms. Abby TSE

Jamie photo

Ms. Jamie LEE


Ms. Angel CHAN


Mr. Kyle CHAN

Kitty Tsang_photo

Dr. Kitty TSANG


Dr. Veronica CHEUNG


Ms. Yuki LAM

Past Research Interns

Chan Chun Him Leo (陳雋謙)

Mr. Leo CHAN

(2020 Spring)

Chan Man Fung Morris (陳文豐)-square

Mr. Morris CHAN

(2020 Spring)

Version 2

Ms. Serena LEE

(2020 Spring)

Wong Yik Chun (黃奕津)-square

Ms. Yik Chun WONG

(2020 Spring)

Vanessa Chung (鍾雪盈) - square

Ms. Vanessa CHUNG

(2020 Summer)

Leung Ka Ho Kelvin (梁家灝) - square

Mr. Kelvin LEUNG

(2020 Summer)


Ms. Hannah LEE

(2020 Fall)

HAU Ho Lun_Anson_website

Mr. Anson HAU

(2020 Fall)


Mr. Harry TSUI

(2020 Fall & 2021 Spring)


Ms. Chloe AU

(2020 Fall & 2021 Spring)


Ms. Winky HO

(2021 Spring)


Mr. Jacky CHEUNG

(2021 Spring)


Ms. Ching Yin LEE

(2021 Spring)


Mr. Owen LAM

(2021 Spring)



(2021 Summer)


Mr. Nicholas LIN

(2021 Summer)


Ms. Ann WONG

(2021 Summer)


Mr. Ivan FANG

(2021 Summer)


Ms. Rachel SIN

(2021 Summer)


Ms. Sophie YIP

(2021 Summer & 2021 Fall)

陳均灝 Teddy Chan (Cropped)

Mr. Teddy CHAN

(2021 Fall)

張豐節 Jack Cheung


(2021 Fall)

莊詠怡 Stephanie Chuang

Ms. Stephanie CHUANG

(2021 Fall)

林綺婷 Jenna Lam

Ms. Jenna LAM

(2021 Fall)

劉卓楠 Chris Lau (Cropped)

Mr. Chris LAU

(2021 Fall)

張憶琳 Elaine Cheung

Ms. Elaine CHEUNG

(2022 Spring)

張衍廷 Tiffany Cheung (Cropped)

Ms. Tiffany CHEUNG

(2022 Spring)

何兆智 Hughes Ho

Mr. Hughes HO

(2022 Spring)

何駿泓 Johnny Ho (Cropped)

Mr. Johnny HO

(2022 Spring)

葉穎琳 Katherine Ip (Cropped)

Ms. Katherine IP

(2022 Spring)

劉鳳儀 Heather Lau (Cropped)

Ms. Heather LAU

(2022 Spring)

余鎧敏 Placida (Cropped)

Ms. Placida YU

(2022 Spring)


Mr. Winnie CHAN

(2022 Summer)


Ms. Yvonne CHAN

(2022 Summer)


Ms. Ellen CHEUNG

(2022 Summer)


Ms. Chloe LAU

(2022 Summer)


Ms. Victoria Lim

(2022 Summer)


Mr. Alvin SU

(2022 Summer)