2016 Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Philanthropy Symposium

Date and Time:
Tuesday July 5, 2016
9:30am – 5:30pm

Wednesday July 6, 2016
9:30am – 5:45pm
Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU
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Session 1: Relationship of the Chinese Philanthropy and the Strategy for Global Sustainability Development Goals

Mr Niu Gensheng
Vice President, China Charity Alliance; and Counsellor, Counsellors’ Office of the State, Council of the People’s Republic of China

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Mr Douglas So
Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement), HKU

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Mr Charles Yu
Chairman, Loving Family Foundation, Taiwan

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Mr Leung Kai Yin
Lecturer, The School of Public Administration, Macau Polytechnic Institute

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Mr Hsieh Ching-Kuei
Director, Religious Culture and Humanitarian Aid Department, Tzu Chi Foundation, Taiwan 

Moderator: Mr Her Rey-Sheng, Associate Professor, Tzu Chi University

Session 2: How Philanthropic Innovation Strengthens the Development of Sustainability Development Goals

Mr Leong Cheung
Executive Director, Charities and Community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club 

Mr Qiu Zhonghui
Secretary General, Amity Foundation, China 

Mr Lu Fang Tsuang
Director, Charity Development Department, Tzu Chi Foundation, Taiwan

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Ms Liu Chia Ying
Specialist, Hon Dao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, Taiwan 

Ms Chan Mei Yi
Chairman, Sin Meng Charity Association, Macau 

Ms Wong Suk Yan
Vice President, The Women’s General Association of Macau 

Moderator: Professor Cecilia Chan, Project Director, HKU-HKJC ExCEL3

Session 3: Inheritance of Chinese Culture and Innovation of Conservation

Professor Yao Zhongqiu
Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Beihang University

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Mr Fei Qiang
Director, Zhongtian Group, China

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Mr Wong Kam Man Joseph
Chief Executive Officer, Urban Renewal Fund

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Professor Yang Yi
Consultant, Chinese Cultural Exchange Association, Macau 

Moderator: Professor Kang Xiaoguang, Director, NPO Research Center, Renmin University of China

Session 4: Leadership and Governance of Family Philanthropy

Ms Pang Jianmei
Executive Secretary-General, China Charity Alliance 

Mr James Chen
Founder, Clearly; and Chairman, Chen Yet-shen Family Foundation

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Ms Cecilia Ho
President, Lee Hysan Foundation 

Moderator: Dr. Herman To, Council Member, Oxfam Hong Kong

Session 5: Disaster Management from the Cross Straits Perspective I: Cooperations and Humanitarianism

Mr Aman Yee
Director of Programs, Save the Children Hong Kong

Mr Hao Nan
Founder, Zhouming Disaster Information Centre, China

Professor Chang Ssu-ming
Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University 

Mr Poon Chi Ming
Chief Executive Officer, Caritas Macau 

Moderator: Dr. Christian Chan, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, HKU

Session 6: Disaster Management from the Cross Straits Perspective II: Knowledge Transfer and Prospect

Dr Timothy Sim
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Mr Joe Huang
Specialist, Tzu Chi Foundation, Taiwan

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Mr Wong Ngai Gan
Assistant Director, Disaster Relief, Macau Red Cross 

Mr Li Hong
Deputy Secretary General, One Foundation 

Moderator: Dr. Zhang Qiang, School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University

Session 7: Hong Kong – Philanthropy Development at the Asia’s Crossroads

Ms Ada Ip
Executive Director, 城泉 

Mr Vincent Low
Resource Development Manager, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong 

Mr Du Minghan
Advisor, Loving Family Foundation, Taiwan 

Ms Helen Chow
Deputy CEO, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (HK) 

Moderator: Dr. Yu Chan, Associate Director, HKU-HKJC ExCEL3 

Session 8: Think Tanks and Knowledge Management in Philanthropy

Mr Stephen Wong
Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Our Hong Kong Foundation

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Professor Wang Zhenyao
Dean, China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University

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Professor Yuntsai Chou
Deputy Director and R&D Advisor in Chief, The 21st Century Foundation

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Professor Feng Yen
Professor, Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University

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Moderator: Professor Wai-Fung Lam, Depute Project Director, HKU-HKJC ExCEL3

– The Symposium will be conducted in Mandarin –

(English Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided)

– By invitation only –