OCAP Summary and User Manual

Project Output and Impact 


Capacity building efforts should not be implemented in a vacuum. An organisation should always have a clear picture of its assets and deficits. The ExCEL3 Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) is specifically designed for small to medium-sized NGOs in Hong Kong. It consists of 116 questions in both English and Chinese in a form of online survey. 

A total of 5 small to medium-sized social service NGOs in Hong Kong were selected to participate in OCAP. Results from the individual self-assessment and group discussion were summarized in a formal recommendations report for each NGO, which provided them a reference point for where they stood at a particular time. They can use results of the assessment to increase their organisational effectiveness. The exercise could help driving the organisations’ capacity building efforts, and contribute to their learning and culture.  

A User Manual has been produced for organisations that are interested in conducting OCA themselves. The user manual, project summary as well as other information relevant to capacity building and organisational development can be found here:

Project Summary Conceptual Framework

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