Organizational-Transformations-and-Strategic-Leadership-of-Social-Service-Nonprofits_20131115Organizational Transformations and Strategic Leadership of Social Service Nonprofits

Authors: Wang Xiao Lu , Cecilia L W Chan , Lois Lam , Wai Fung Lam , Terry Ming Fung Leung , Michele Wong Raphael

Published online 15 November 2013

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home_coverQualitative Health Research

Authors: Wang Xiao Lu , Cecilia L W Chan , Zhan B Shi , Bin Wang

Qual Health Res 2013 23: 207 originally published online 27 November 2012

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Governing-Effectiveness-of-Nonprofit-Boards-A-Systematic-Review-of-Research-in-the-Past-10-YearsGoverning Effectiveness of Nonprofit Boards: A Systematic Review of Research in the Past 10 Years

Authors: Wang Xiao Lu , Sammy L K Fung , Wai Fung Lam

Published online 1 November 2012

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Effect of Physical Restraint Reduction on Older Patients’ Hospital Length of Stay

Authors: Timothy Kwok , Xue Bai , Maria Y P  Chui , Claudia K Y  Lai , Daniel W H  Ho , Florence K Y  Ho , Jean Woo

JAMDA Vol. 13, Issue 7, Pages 645-650. September 2012

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