• To build effective networks between Social Entrepreneurial (SE) organisations and healthcare professionals, bringing added social value to medical practice and enhancing medical expertise in social initiatives
  • To map the landscape of SE activities in relation to health in Hong Kong, in order to:
    • investigate how and to what extent social entrepreneurship may enhance and supplement existing health-related provisions, servicing unmet community health needs
    • examine the feasibility of integrating SE capacities in order to scale-up existing services and ensure sustainability
    • consider how SE models in one setting (geographical and sectoral) might be translated into another, as well as the practical issues entailed in this translational process

Principal Investigator

  • Dr Robert Peckham, Centre for the Humanities and Medicine


  • SESH (Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health)
  • Chi Heng Foundation
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya, a multi-specialty hospital chain based in India


  • Engaged with numerous stakeholders, as well as local and overseas experts, academic researchers and practitioners
  • Held regular meetings and site visits to identify key aspects that might enhance and promote network and capacity building. Meetings were followed by successful workshops that focused on sexual health, mental health and aging – key targeted health areas
  • As part of the Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health (SESH) initiative, organised a short film contest in December 2013 to enhance capacity for NGOs in Hong Kong and China to promote services on sexual health
  • Undertook research to map the landscape of SE activities in Hong Kong and, specifically, to identify SE organisations working in health-related fields. A significant amount of practical data was gathered which will facilitate the reformulation of theoretical approaches to SE organisations, with implications for policy
  • In partnership with theOrigo, created an Online Hub (The Hub) to promote interactive channels between SE organisations and healthcare professionals, while disseminating knowhow to the wider community


  • Raised awareness of the potential for integrated SE capacities to enhance the quality and sustainability of health service delivery offered by NGOs in Hong Kong and across the region
  • Facilitated the exchange of information on the deployment of innovative SE models and the need for comprehensive metrics. The Online Hub created by the Social Entrepreneurship for Health Project will promote pathways between SE organisations and healthcare professionals, while functioning as a tool for knowledge exchange and cross-sectoral exchanges
  • Contributed to the theoretical literature and in particular to current debates on the issues at stake in the ‘exportation’ and ‘importation’ of SE models between settings
  • Plan to publish articles in journals disseminating the findings to a wider public and providing a comparative perspective on global SE debates in health, with Hong Kong as a critical case study. One of the Project findings is that the most successful SE organisations place their services within a total ecology of needs. The research publications will have practical implications, furnishing relevant case studies for NGOs to consider when rethinking their own funding and delivery mechanisms

Event Highlights 

 Oct, 2012 Two-day workshop on Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health
 Nov 1, 2012 Social Entrepreneurship for Health: Enhancing Networks & Building Capacities
 Apr 12, 2013 Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship for Health: EngAGING Hong Kong
 Dec, 2013 Film Contest – ‘Testing Saves Lives’ with Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health (SESH)

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Mr Larry Kwan


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