• To further enhance evidence-based practice and social impact assessment capacity of NGOs
  • To foster and consolidate the existing networks among NGOs and cross-sectoral network between NGO sector and the academic sector
  • With the brand on evidence-based practice and social impact assessment, to further promote the two subjects to the NGO sector and other related stakeholders

Project Co-Investigators

  • Professor Cecilia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
  • Dr Amy Chow, Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

Target Sectors

  • NGO management and frontline practitioners
  • Academic practitioners

Expected Deliverables

  • Nine Research Salons / Gatherings for academic and practitioners dialogue and skill-training
  • Two NGO conferences cum workshops on practice excellence on practice base research and SIA
  • Learning materials on selected best practice projects
  • A cross-disciplinary engagement event to involve the social service sector, experts from various professions, and the general public

Event Highlights

 Sep 23, 2014 Evidence-Based Practice Social Work Research Salon
 Jan 13, 2015 Social Impact Assessment Training in Shunde
 Jan 29-30, 2015 The 4th Conference cum Workshop on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence
 Sep 18, 2015 Experience-sharing Session at the LegCo Complex
 Nov 2, 2015 Roundtable Sharing on “Social Impact on Engaging Young People with Ethnic Minority Background in Hotel Industry”