e-Engagement and Data Analytics Capacity Enhancement for NGOs


  • To enhance the knowledge and capability of local NGOs on using various online strategies, software tools, and data processing techniques for e-Engagement and data analytics
  • To produce a repository of knowledge on e-Engagement and data analytics for local NGOs
  • To enhance the capability on e-Engagement and data analytics for local NGOs
  • To allow local NGOs to more effectively use online channels to reach, engage, and analyse their targets

Project Co-Investigators

  • Dr Michael Chau, School of Business
  • Professor Cecilia Cheng, Department of Psychology
  • Professor Paul Yip, Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Target Sector

  • NGOs that are planning or already have on-going online initiatives

Expected Deliverables

  • Research on studying and analysing the behaviors of the online youth population in Hong Kong
  • Four case studies on how NGOs are using web marketing and data analytics strategies for engaging and understanding their online communities
  • Six training workshops and symposia on online marketing strategies, search engine optimisation, online image and video production, and data analytics techniques
  • Expansion of the current website of the project

Event Highlights   

  July 29, 2015 Seminar on Digital Marketing Strategy and Applications
  August 20, 2015 Seminar on Big Data Analytics and Applications
  August 16, 2016 Seminar on Search Engine Optimization Strategy – How to Let People Find You through Online Search
  September 7, 2016 Seminar on Search Engine Marketing Strategy and Content Writing Techniques
  August 20, 2015 Seminar on Using Google Analytics to Measure Your Web Site’s Effectiveness

Project Website