philanthropy bannerPhilanthropy is one of the main focuses of Phase 2 of the ExCEL3 Project. The Philanthropy Lab provides capacity building programmes series for knowledge exchange among change makers in the Greater China region and worldwide. We aim to leverage evidence-based philanthropic models and to connect different segments of philanthropy in the context of social governance and innovation. 

In the training provided by the Lab , we will analyse the motivation and mission of philanthropists and foundations using case studies of nonprofits that seek resources through entrepreneurial social innovation. Cases of success, effectiveness and failure will all be discussed. Participants will examine the fundamental principles for rallying community support, the behaviour and protocols of Giving and Asking in the public sphere, and most importantly the values underpinning these actions. 

Participants in the Philanthropy Lab will have improved understanding of

  1. core concepts of philanthropy and fundraising, social relationships and social capital;
  2. various modes of giving;
  3. resource development strategies for nonprofits;
  4. the basics of planning and evaluating initiatives to seek community support;
  5. the role of and values involved in philanthropy in civil society;
  6. the range of possibilities and innovative solutions philanthropy can give rise to.





Dialogue on Giving with the World’s 6th Top Private Foundation 

AP3A8613  AP3A8624  AP3A8657

Forum on Grant-Making from Hong Kong and Mainland Perspectives 

AP3A4530  AP3A4511  AP3A1478

Workshop on How to Raise a Million Dollars: Fundraising Ideas for Arts and Cultural Organisations 

AP3A3820  AP3A3819  AP3A3835