Engaging Civil Society Groups to Innovate Collaborative Cross-Boundary Water Governance Practices in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region



  • To provide a comprehensive engagement, training and experience-sharing programme for environmental NGOs (ENGOs) and community concern groups (CCGs) on the important issue of water resources management in the Greater Pearl River Delta region from a cross-boundary-cum-governance perspective
  • To enlarge the scope of the participants’ knowledge-base on water resources management from a Hong Kong-centric view to a larger river basin perspective
  • To enhance their competency to make an informed and reasoned contribution to this particular resource planning policy issue
  • To strengthen significantly their capacity to generate innovative and collaborative cross-boundary water governance practices

Project Investigator

  • Dr Frederick Lee, Department of Geography


  • Civic Exchange
  • Friends of the Earth Hong Kong

Target Sectors

  • Hong Kong-based ENGOs and CCGs
  • Decision-makers involved in cross-boundary planning and environmental issues

Expected Deliverables

  • Eight working group meetings and four network meetings on cross-boundary water governance practices
  • Two one-day training sessions on cross-boundary water governance practices
  • Four field-trips to mainland China for ENGO/CCG participants and media and ENGO/CCG leaders
  • A half-day public lecture on cross-boundary water governance practices
  • An engagement and training manual

Event Highlights 

  May 5 – 9, 2015 Site Visit to Dong Jiang Basin