• Societal problems have become increasingly serious and more systemic than before. The current capacity and approaches of our third sector might not be sufficient to effectively address these systemic issues. Having researched on the best practices of social innovation locally and globally, the project strives to design and establish an enabling ecosystem of change, comprising a systematic social innovation framework, training programmes and a cross-sector network for collaboration. The ecosystem aims to inspire and nurture social changemakers of the third sector to leverage innovation, entrepreneurship and cross sector collaboration to create novel, effective, sustainable, and scalable solutions for systemic social challenges in Hong Kong.

Principal Investigator                   

  • Professor John H Bacon-Shone, Social Sciences Research Centre


  • YES Network


Training – 230 headcounts of passionate social changemakers (170 in Hong Kong and 80 from Mainland China)

Social Innovation Toolkit – A framework of tools and enabling mindsets for lasting social change

【 Social Ventures 】

  1. CookInMama – Sought to empower low income women and deliver healthy food to working professionals in HK
  2. Secondary Education Reform – Sought to transform education in Band3 secondary schools, serving students  from poor and broken families backgrounds living in impoverished regions of Hong Kong such as Tin Shui Wai
  3. Early Childhood Education Reform – Sought to transform early childhood education and parenting in HK
  4. Animal Protection – Plans to establish in an animal park based in Guangdong experiential “edutainment” programmes to nurture values of empathy, compassion and love for young generation


  • Perception: Our training attendees now perceive innovation, entrepreneurship and cross-sector collaboration as extremely crucial in creating social change, demonstrating a significant increase in their interest level to invest in efforts to learn and execute.
  • Learning: Conducted applied research on social innovation best practice globally and arrived at a systematic social innovation framework. Produced a social innovation toolkit with illustrations of practice social ventures case studies. Conducted training and intensive incubation programme for social entrepreneurs.
  • Behavioural Change: A majority of our social entrepreneurs experienced a mindset change and adopted social innovation principles and tools: including purpose-led social innovation, user centric design, creativity, rapid prototyping, business model designs etc
  • Results: Example: Participants in the CookInMama project were able to test their business and operation model at virtually no financial cost by running a prototype with a kitchen partner, inthe Diamond Hill area, after only a few months in operation. Other incubating venture results are shared in out presentation and will be placed on the web.

Event Highlights 

 Nov 2 – 4, 2012 Hong Kong Sustainability Jam 2012
 Jan 20, 2013 Hong Kong Sustainability Jam Post-jam Network Workshop
 Apr 14, 2013 EcoDesign Fair Social Innovation Training at Shanghai
 Apr 27, 2013 YES Network Open Consultation Day for Social Entrepreneurs
 May 2, 2013 Shanghai University GLMBA Study Tour to Hong Kong – Training on Social Entrepreneurship: Enterprises of the Future
 Jun 7, 2013 YES People Incubation Programme Kick-Start
 Jun 14, 2013 YES Incubation – System Thinking Training: Part I
 Dec 5, 2013 YES Incubation  – Graphic Facilitation, Visual Thinking Training
 Jan 15 , 2014 YES Incubation – System Thinking Training: Part II
 Jan 25, 2014 YES Network x MakeSense Brainstorming Holdup – x CookInMama Social Venture
 Apr 24, 2014
Project Management Training for Social Entrepreneurs 

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Ms Michele Wong


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