• To reach out to the artist groups and cultural groups to develop a network
  • To align HKU scholars, artists and artist group leaders in organising and delivering training workshops to empower local artist groups
  • To enhance the groups’ public profiles, media relations and capacity for collaboration with organisations

Principal Investigator

  • Dr Petula Ho, Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • The Renaissance Foundation
  • Hong Kong Christian Institute
  • Pop Pop Revolution
  • Room 502
  • Breakazine!
  • Pixelbread
  • Ageneration
  • Tales we Tell
  • Fleurs des Lettres
  • Heiquan Theatre


  • Enhanced the public profiles of all the participating groups  via multimedia: digital story telling workshops, screening and community forums, film festivals, Facebook  and multi-media theatre performances
  • Explored new ways of knowledge production and community engagement through the integration of artistic work, academic research and sexuality


  • Generated discussion and challenged stereotypes, stigmas and limitations of current perceptions and practices of intimacy
  • Raised awareness of the rights and equal opportunities of sexual minorities
  • Promoted knowledge exchange in gender and sexuality education
Event Highlights 
  Jun 9, 2012 Workshop for NGOs Leaders: Community Forum and Film Screening
  Jul 7, 2012 Digital Story Telling for Women’s Creative Empowerment
  Dec 9, 2012 “Twin Café x Love and Punish” Movie Showcase cum Post-movie Seminar
  Jan 12, 2013 Cultian Fest Cultural/art festival
  May 3-5, 2013 
Sex, Love and Hope: Ho Style 


ExCEL3 Coordinator: Dr Wang Xiao Lu

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