To achieve the strategic goals of an organization, the capacity of a NGO leader in building networking, pooling external resources and introducing different and diverse visions are important. This project is to engage NGO leaders to organize learning groups with specific learning areas and then facilitate them to network with overseas experts to organize learning trips to consolidate overseas knowledge and experience. Through report-back and reporting material, brilliant and practical ideas are able to be transferred to Hong Kong. During the process, the knowledge and experience will be tuned to adapt to local context with the help of experienced facilitators.



Professor Cecilia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration;

Professor Lui Tai Lok, Department of Sociology



The Hong Kong Council of Social Service



The project aims to introduce knowledge and experience from overseas as a source of wisdom to empower local leaders. Through forum and workshop conducted by the overseas experts, brilliant and practical ideas are able to be transferred to Hong Kong. An overseas expert on Integrated Talent Management was invited from Florida International University in Q4 of 2012 to share the best practices of the US public sector in implementing Integrated TalentManagement with the local NGO senior executives. An international conference is expected to be held in Q4 of 2013.


Event Highlights

Dec 17, 2012    Workshop on Integrated Talent Management in Nonprofit Organisations: Leveraging Strategic Leadership

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Dr Wang Xiao Lu