HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

Our school appreciates the opportunity to participate in the Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindfulness in School Initiatives supported from by the Jockey Club and the University of Hong Kong. Since September 2019, our school has carried out a mindfulness course for Secondary One students. A 80-minute class is scheduled bi-weekly. According to our teachers, there has been sufficient time for each class to implement various course activities and practices.

Meanwhile, curriculum-wise, our school has allocated resources accordingly to strengthen the teacher-student connections and to ensure that students can have a quiet space for practices. We have divided 33 students into 3 groups, with 11 students in each group led by a trained teacher.

In addition, with the Jockey Club’s funding, our school has converted two classrooms into a mindfulness room which is spacious and painted with soft colours. The room is utilised not only for students’ daily mindfulness practices, but also community mindfulness activities and parents’ mindfulness workshops. We aspire to promote mindfulness culture to a wider audience.

In terms of teacher training, our school encourages teachers to participate in mindfulness courses or related practices, so as to enhance and deepen their knowledge about mindfulness, improve their physical and mental health, and prepare them to be our school’s mindfulness teachers.

In the coming two years, our school will continue to implement mindfulness courses for Secondary One students, and simultaneously promote other mindfulness activities, such as “Nature retreat camp” (山水靜觀退修營), “Mindful eating” during lunchtime, as well as “Mindfulness ambassador training”. We wish to implement brief mindfulness practices during assemblies next year, gradually nurturing a mindful culture at school, in which teachers and students can learn to live peacefully and contently.

(The above information is provided by the school.)