Competency Building

Capacity Building Framework for NGO Leaders



  • To develop a capacity building framework for NGO leaders to help them navigate the career paths of NGO practitioners and to map the knowledge, skills and competencies needed at senior level by exploring the competencies of the existing NGOs’ CEOs
  • To capture practical wisdom of NGO leaders on specific management issues and to present the wisdom in a systematic way based on the newly developed model in different means for knowledge exchange


  • Professor Cecilia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration;
  • Professor Lui Tai Lok, Department of Sociology


  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


  • Completed of two research projects including Competency Modeling study and Delphi study
  • Published a CEO Competency Manual 2013 with a simplified version of the competency model which reached over 1200 senior executives of the sector
  • Soft-launched a Website on NGO CEO with detailed information of the project and the survey
  • Developing three Local Cases in multi-media format demonstrating how some of the competencies had been applied by local NGO gurus


  • Building consensus on sector challenges and the importance and pressing needs for leadership competencies, succession planning and people development
  • Increasing awareness and interest on strategic competencies
  • Translating research findings into laymens terms for mass distribution and easy adoption to build  the capacity of the sector
  • Contributing to the theory development of nonprofit management and governance via a conference paper in the ARNOVA International Conference in November 2013

Event Highlights   

 Oct 3, 2013 Sector-level CEO Roundtable Meetings 1
 Nov 11, 2013 Sector-level CEO Roundtable Meetings 2

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Dr Wang Xiao Lu

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