Environmental Impact

Demystifying Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Cross-Boundary Planning Processes for Civil Society Groups



Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) aims at achieving an environmentally sound and sustainable development pattern by identifying the potential impacts of a development project in its early planning stages as well as suggesting feasible alternatives or mitigation measures. This project aims to:

  • provide training for environmental NGOs (ENGOs) and community concern groups on EIA and cross-boundary planning issues
  • strengthen their capacity to engage with other stakeholders in the decision-making process


  • Friends of the Earth

Principal Investigator

  • Dr Ng Cho Nam, Department of Geography


  • Provided a comprehensive training programme on EIA for local ENGOs
  • Provided a  training package on EIA for local ENGOs
  • Provided a  stakeholder dialogue forum on EIA in Hong Kong
  • Provided a  networking-cum-training workshop on cross-boundary issues for ENGOs based in Guangdong and Hong Kong


  • Raised awareness of the importance of public participation in the early stages of the EIA process
  • Partly resulted in the most detailed study brief in the history of EIA in Hong Kong for the production of EIA report for “Expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System”
  • Gathered and consolidated views from various stakeholder groups on Hong Kong’s EIA process
  • Built capacity  through forums with government representatives, academics, professionals and ENGOs
  • Provided first-hand information to local ENGOs, through field-trips, of the role of EIA in environmental management
  • Facilitated a joint submission by local ENGOs, to the Government, on a review of Hong Kong’s EIA process

Event Highlights 

 Oct 6, 2012 Workshop on Introduction to EIA, International trends of EIA and HKEIA
 Oct 27, 2012 EIA process in Hong Kong: from Assessment to Public Participation
 Dec 1, 2012 One-day Field Trip – Implementation Gaps of Hong Kong EIA Projects
 Feb 23, 2013 Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment
 Feb 23, 2013 Knowledge Exchange Forum on Environmental Impact Assessment
 Apr 13, 2013 Public Symposium on Environmental Impact Assessment
 Aug 31, 2013 Training-cum-Networking Meeting on Strengthening eNGOs’ Capacity to Address Trans-boundary and Region-wide Environmental Externalities in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region
 Aug 31, 2013 Half-day Field Trip – Local Field Trip on Environmental Management
 Jan 11, 2014 Public Forum on One River, Two Systems: Challenges and Opportunities in Planning for the Future of the Shenzhen River Basin

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Ms Michele Wong

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