Grassroots Women’s Organisations

Capacity Building on Gender Mainstreaming by Grassroots Women’s Organisations



  • To suggest a more advanced gender mainstreaming checklist as a new analytical framework and tool in making and evaluating public policies
  • To change the discourse on care giving, both unpaid and paid, and to recognise its social and economic value and its contribution to our society
  • To build the capacity of grassroots women’s groups

Project Investigator

  • Dr Celia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • Hong Kong Women Coalition on Equal Opportunities
  • Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres

Target Sectors

  • Member organisations of Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities
  • Grassroots women’s NGOs, civil society organisations and researchers

Expected Deliverables

  • A research report on gender mainstreaming new tool
  • Four Workshops, an international conference on gender mainstreaming; a workshop on unpaid work and carers and an international conference on care-giving
  • Four-session art workshops for grassroots women to present their stories as unpaid or low-paid carers at home or in the job market
  • A 5-day art exhibition to present the stories of carers
  • A book on oral history on carers and a talk on the book
  • Lobbying the Women’s Commission


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