Local Experts Sharing

Executive Leadership Series



The project aims to develop a capacity building framework for NGO leaders and to systematically consolidate the practical wisdoms of senior NGO leaders. The project will also engage overseas experts in order to learn from their experience and international best practice. Lecture series will be organized for NGO leaders in the sector using the material to provide problem-focused training activities to enhance management capacity.



Professor Cecilia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration;

Professor Lui Tai Lok, Department of Sociology



The Hong Kong Council of Social Service



The project is to harvest the precious practical knowledge and wisdom of some senior, experienced and entrepreneurial NGO professionals to benefit a younger generation of leaders for better succession. Learning points of senior or retired NGO practitioners will be captured based on the competency model developed from the Project on Competency Modeling. Local NGO leaders have been identified and information search was completed after the release of the first draft of the competency model in Apr 2013. Case studies and sharing are successfully completed in Q1 of 2015.


ExCEL3 Coordinator: Dr Wang Xiao Lu


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