Evidence-based Practice

Building NGO Evidence-based Practice Capacity


  • To enhance evidence-based practice capacity of NGOs
  • To build  an evidence-based platform/community with a visible brand for the future development of social service research

Principal Investigator

  • Professor Cecilia Chan, Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


  • Organised 2 conferences and 2 workshops to bring together overseas and local wisdom on evidence-based practice, in which:
    • 2 overseas speakers were invited to share international wisdom in evidence-based practice with more than 200 participants from local NGOs
    • 3 local scholars were invited to introduce up-to-date research findings and resources in a conference held in 2012
    • 18 service projects from 16 local NGOs were invited to share their experience of evidence-based practice and service excellence
  • Built up an evidence-based platform with a visible brand, with:
    • more than 200 participants from local NGOs took part in the conferences and workshops
    • collaborated with the “Best Practice Awards 2013” in a conference to reach out to more NGOs in the sector
    • invited funders to the conferences to have a dialogue with local NGOs on resources for evidence-based research studies
    • constructed an event website to provide the latest information and resources to local NGOs
    • uploaded 26 articles to the event website and EBP fans page in Facebook to encourage the discussion over major issues about evidence-based practice to continue
    • formed a Practitioner-Researcher Group as a mutual exchange platform for the sector


  • Encouraged NGOs to use or produce evidence for service development and advocacy through the sharing of best practice among local NGOs
  • Consolidated  views on the importance of evidence-based practice to service excellence
  • Enhanced the evidence-based practice capacity of NGOs at the individual,  organisational and sectoral level with regular platforms for best practice sharing at the annual conference and training workshops
  • Established a communication/networking platform for dialogues among academia, NGOs and funders

Event Highlights

  Oct 11, 2012 Conference on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence
  Oct 12, 2012 Workshop on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence – Social  Work Data are All Around Us: Using  Available Information in Practice-based Research for Service Excellence
  Dec 11, 2013 Conference on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence cum Best Practice Award Sharing 2013
  Dec 12, 2013 Workshop on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence: Combining Practice and Research – a Mission Impossible?

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Mr Larry Kwan


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