Symposium on Five Years after the Wenchuan Earthquake: Community and Organisational Responses and Transformations

Speaker: Professor Joshua Miller, Smith College; Professor Feng Yen, National Taiwan University; Professor Fan Bin, East China University of Science and Technology Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013; Time: 5:00pm (Tea Reception at 4

Speakers: Professor Joshua Miller
Associate Dean, School for Social Work, Smith College
PowerPoint Presentation
Professor Feng Yen
Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University
PowerPoint Presentation
Professor Fan Bin
Chair, Department of Social Work, East China University of Science and Technology
Panel Discussants: Mrs Sheila Purves
Project Director, International and China Programmes, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
PowerPoint Presentation
Ms Bonnie So
Deputy Secretary General (Services), Hong Kong Red Cross
PowerPoint Presentation
Professor Johnston Wong
Representative, Social Workers Across Borders
PowerPoint Presentation
Dr Amy Chow,
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
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