e-Engagement Capacity Enhancement for NGOs



  • Explore end users’ online needs and preferences
  • Syndicate relevant basic Web and social media engagement information, research, and strategies to organise a series of workshops


  • Dr Michael Chau, School of Business
  • Professor Cecilia Cheng, Department of Psychology
  • Professor Paul Yip, Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • Conducted a comprehensive survey on youths’ online social habits and help-seeking behaviors
  • Developed research papers on the findings
  • Organised a series of workshops on Web 2.0 and e-Engagement
  • Wrote case studies on NGOs’ online activities and best practices


  • Raised awareness of the importance of the latest developments of the Internet and the impact on social services
  • Conducted research on understanding youth and their social behavior on the Internet
  • Produced case studies on effective e-Engagement
  • Improved best practice implemented by NGOs

Event Highlights   

  Jun 12, 2012 Workshop on Online Social Interaction
  Jul 9, 2012 Workshop on Computer Skills for Website Browsing
  Aug 29, 2013 Workshop on How to Effectively Use Web/ Web 2.0
  Nov 11, 2013 Workshop on How to Effectively Use Google Analytics
  Jan 14, 2014
Symposium on the topic of Understanding Online Community through Internet Tools

Case Study 1: Web Site Performance of NGOs
Case Study 2: How to Plan a Good Activity for Your Facebook Fan Page
Case Study 3: Evaluation of Non-government Organizations’ Fan Pages on Facebook

Telephone survey: Understanding Our Cyber Youth Population

ExCEL3 Coordinator: Ms Michele Wong

PowerPoint Presentation 1 PowerPoint Presentation 2 PowerPoint Presentation 3  Project Website