Events in Evidence-based Practice

Speaker: Professor Joshua Miller, Smith College; Professor Feng Yen, National Taiwan University; Professor Fan Bin, East China University of Science and Technology

Speakers: Fung Shing-cheung, Former Executive Chief Editor, Ming Pao Daily News; Yvonne Choi Ying-pik, Former Director of Information Services, the SAR Government; Leung Siu-kum, Former Executive Director, Fu Hong Society

Speakers: Professor Joan Berzoff, Smith College; Professor Samuel Ho, Department of Applied Social Studies; Dr Amy Chow, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU

Speakers: Professor Monit Cheung, Professor and Chair of Clinical Practice Concentration, Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston

Speakers: Professor Haluk Soydan; Professor Sophia Chan; Dr Patrick Ip; Miss Lilian Law; Miss Susan So

Speaker: Dr Jen Shang, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University