Who can Apply?

  • All full-time undergraduate students majoring and minoring in social sciences disciplines
  • Highly recommend students to join the internship from Year 2 onwards as this is an advanced course
  • Incoming Exchange students are not eligible to apply concerning their visa status
  • Limited quota is offered to non-social sciences students as their free electives with conditions

Information for Non-FOSS Students

A more diverse student background can attract new Community Partners and afford our social sciences students a more integrated and interdisciplinary learning experience. Non-final year non-FOSS undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the 12-credit, non-paid internship programmes under the theme of either Social Innovation or Global Citizenship in summer. 

Before applying our internship programmes, those interested non-FOSS students have to confirm that they can:

  • Commit 2.5 months in Summer (early June to mid-August)
  • Complete all academic deliverables
    (Orientation, Written assignments, Project Presentation)
  • Reserve 12 credits in the current academic year

Non-FOSS students will follow our formal application procedures in a gradual fashion as follows:

  1. Choose any internship course and placement opportunity in January through EL application system
  2. Faculty envisages the capacity to intake non-FOSS students
    (priority given to 2nd major or minor in Social Sciences)
  3. EL Team contacts students on their expectations and understanding of the internship programme
  4. Community Partners screen intern applications and determine internship offers

Non-FOSS students will not be eligible to receive scholarships or subsidies from the Faculty.