We highly appreciate the commitment of our Community Partners around the world for offering learning opportunities as co-educators. We trust that this partnership could create mutual benefits for both students and Community Partners.
The expectations of Community Partner in its role as co-educator are as follows:
Conduct final assessment on the interns’ performance
Be relevant to skills and knowledge of the disciplines of Social Sciences
Provide meaningful and challenging task to raise students’ awareness of social issues
No direct profit-making or sales-related tasks
Provide coaching on personal and professional development, on-going supervision on completion of tasks

Internship Periods

  • Summer full-time internship (5 days per week, June and July)
  • Part-time internship (one day per week, from October to April)


We are always looking to expand our network of local and non-local Community Partners for internship partnership. In addition to placement-based internship, we are also open to project-based outside classroom learning opportunities.

Quotes from our Community Partners