A: In experiential learning, we value students as partners to co-construct the learning experience together with community partners and academic tutors. Students are encouraged to take the initiative and offer their voices at different stages of experiential learning. Students can identify potential EL opportunities and claim credits for their experience through the student-initiated Internship.



A: The SIGC is not meant for specialized professional training, however many students would like to utilize this chance to explore future career options and its context. The learning objectives of the SIGC course is to understand social issues in real life and develop work ethics, self-initiative, adaptation to organisational culture, and communication skills for successful workplace performance. You can also learn more about how to articulate your SIGC experience for job hunting here.



A: You can learn about the SIGC Options from our website. Each year, the Faculty will host an Internship Week in January where students can learn the actual placements and projects of that summer. You can also browse our previous Internship Week website to find out what are the opportunities. If you want to discuss your SIGC fulfillment, you can always talk to one of the teachers at EL Team.



A: Different students would have different needs and expectations towards their learning. Many of our students would consider their interests, passions and goals when choosing a particular opportunity while others may concern with their academic disciplines, year of study, course requirement and so on. Since each student’s learning is unique, we advise students to plan early, you can also reference to our Year Plan and Annual Timeline.