World Health Organization Caregiver Skills Training Programme – ASD in Kindergartens and Child Care Centres

August 22, 2022

Language: Cantonese

JC A-Connect adopted WHO’s “Caregiver Skills Training” with HKU and a number of NGOs in 2018, in which the Programme is designed by experts from WHO, the Parent Association and the autism advocacy organisation in America – “Autism Speaks”. The Programme provides appropriate skills training for carers of children with ASD, developmental disabilities or delays between the ages of 2 and 6, teaching them to use games and family activities as skills to foster children’s learning and development. Since 2021, the Project joined hands with various NGOs to localise the WHO-CST to better meet the needs of Hong Kong caregivers.

As a mean to benefit children with ASD and their caregivers, another webinar on “World Health Organisation Caregiver Skill Training Programme: ASD in Kindergartens and Child Care Centres” was held in late August 2022. Three professionals from various NGOs were invited as speakers to share insights on CST course and focused on teaching six major skills which are applicable to the environment of kindergartens or child care centres. We received positive feedback and the participants look forward to join more training seminars of the same type in the future.

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