“Hello! I am Bling Bling – child with ASD. I want to make new friends.

To make new friends with me in this summer through JC A-Connect activities, are you ready?”

We have been wearing masks for more than two years, in addition to the suspension of classes and the arrangement of online classes, students were unable to meet and communicate with their friends. Apart from affecting their communication skills and social living, they have difficulty on making new friends. While parents need to take care of their children at home for a long time making both parties under a lot of pressure. 

To increase public awareness and acceptance of students with ASD, JC A-Connect created a character ambassador “Bling Bling” together with the well-known children’s book series Mr. Men Little Miss since 2021. 

“Hello! New Friends” storybook

In 2022, JC A-Connect launched a new “Hello! New Friends” storybook to continue to advocate message on social inclusion. “Hello! New Friends” is a story of Bling Bling who is having fun with friends in summer holiday. At the beginning of the story, Bling Bling is excited to introduce his new toy car to new friends everywhere.  Bling Bling interrupted the conversation between friends, making new friend leaving the group suddenly and he dose not know why until one day…

“Hello! New Friends” storybook will debut at the 32nd Hong Kong Book Fair in 2022 and will be distributed to the public free of charge, and will also be distributed to kindergartens, primary schools and Parent Resource Centres to encourage care for people with ASD and respect for one another in order to build an inclusive society together.

Apart from “Hello! New Friends” storybook, Bling Bling will lead a series of activities incorporating elements of inclusive education, aiming to raise public awareness of ASD, and promote social inclusion, to encourage the public to recognize and accept people with different personalities. 

Let’s have a summer vacation with Bling Bling!

JC A-Connect cum Star Ferry – Bling Bling’s Friend-ship at Victoria Harbour

A "Bling Bling's Friend-ship" with Bling Bling himself and friends of Mr. Men Little Miss will travel along Victoria Harbour. There will be full of "check-in" corners both inside and outside the ferry. Parents and children can scan the QR code on the ferry for the mini games. By taking photo with Bling Bling and uploading to "Bling Bling Fans Club" Facebook page then complete the designated tasks, will have a chance to get free tickets to Ocean Park.

Date: From Jul 15, 2022

Venue: Victoria Harbour

Ocean Park cum Mr. Men Little Miss Unique Summer Party

JC A-Connect is joining "Ocean Park cum Mr. Men Little Miss Unique Summer Party” with Bling Bling. By adding elements of inclusive education, participating parents and their children can learn to understand and accept people with different personalities through finding out friends of Mr. Men Little Miss one by one. JC A-Connect also transforms the WHO-CST parenting toy set into a giant setting, and organizes professional parenting workshops and story-telling activities to create more opportunities for parents to communicate with their children and guide them to know more of themselves.

Date: Jul 16 to Aug 31, 2022

Venue: Designated area of Ocean Park

“Hello! New Friends” storybook at the 32nd Hong Kong Book Fair

"Hello! New Friends" storybook will debut at the 32nd Hong Kong Book Fair. At the exhibition booth of projects led by the Jockey Club Charities Trust, participants can have the storybook free of charge, while by taking part in the interactive game area and a variety of "check-in" photo corners, will have gift prepared by Bling Bling.

Date: Jul 20 to 26, 2022

Venue: Hall3E – E20 and E22, HKCEC

You understand me, I understand you, we are friend. Are you willing to understand Bling Bling and become new friend of him?

Ambassador “Bling Bling” is a child character with ASD. The rainbow colors on his body symbolize autism spectrum. Although he has different characteristics from other children, they are just the same and worthwhile to have hugs and be loved.

Follow Bling Bling’s Facebook and Instagram now and become Bling Bling’s new friend!

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