To enhance the public’s understanding, and appreciation, of the multiple values of freshwater, a set of innovative, informative and educational documentaries will be produced.

Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect

With the theme of “Rivers and the Community”, this documentary highlights the multiple functions and values of rivers in Hong Kong, and examines how these values have been lost in the process of urban development. It also investigates attempts at reconnecting the community with rivers.

Water Footprint: Beyond Our Taps 

By revealing the water embedded in the food and commodities we commonly consume, this documentary aims at exploring what we can do to help reduce our Water Footprint in daily life.

The Hidden Costs of Water

People in Hong Kong can enjoy clean freshwater supply by simply turning on the tap, while the “true costs” of water use have been often neglected or forgotten. This documentary explores the “hidden costs” we paid in order to meet the water demand of our society, and their impacts on local and global water resources.

The Missing Label

We will explore the extent of the far-reaching impacts of the clothing industry on global water resources.  Could we find an effective method to help people understand the impacts of their consumption behavior on water resources?

Rivers Drained

The urbanisation process of Hong Kong has left the city’s rivers devastated; many rivers have actually disappeared. What is an “environmental flow” regime? Would it point to a remedy that could help rehabilitate our rivers?

Urban Waterscapes: A time to bring them back?

Speaking of urban waterscapes, what ideas have come across your mind? Apart from decorative ponds and music fountains, in what forms can water exist in our communities?

Let the Rivers Run — Reconnecting to our city’s rivers

In recent years, the Drainage Services Department has revitalized channelized, urban rivers by adding green and ecological protection elements in an effort to restore the natural environment destroyed by channelization.

Know (Cherish) Our Water?

This documentary will focus on potable water ─ to learn more about the costs of getting water from the source to our tap, and to understand the importance of water conservation.

Along with the Rivers

This documentary, “Along with the Rivers”, unfolds the perception of river revitalization of people in Hong Kong. It also discusses how different ways of public engagement, such as citizen science, stimulate people’s imagination for rivers and their surrounding environment and explore rivers’ multiple functions and values.