River Stories

E-Cases of selected rivers and river basins in Hong Kong have been developed to demonstrate our city’s “River Stories” through a multi-disciplinary perspective.  Each of the stories highlights a specific theme including Heritage and River; River Revitalisation; and Rivers and Biodiversity.  The River Stories help enhance people’s knowledge on the multiple functions and values of the selected rivers and river basins in Hong Kong.

River Stories_Lai Chi Wo Village

Lai Chi Wo is a traditional Hakka village with over 300 years of history, girdled by a winding river, which brought prosperity to the village. This River Story explores how the river has raised the village and its inextricable connection with villagers.


This River Story introduces the recent progress of river revitalisation in Hong Kong and also features with an interview with experts of Japan River Restoration Network who shared the experiences of river revitalisation from Japan.

club tail

This River Story let you explore the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong’s rivers and its importance to the operation of Gei Wai. Threats to river biodiversity are also discussed.