Children Books


In order to promote water sustainability to children, JC-WISE invited Zoyce Wong, a local illustrator to produce two children books, “Fishie’s River Adventure” and “Water Drops: Our Superhero”. We have also invited Lillian’s Story Kingdom to produce the Cantonese audio books.


“Fishie’s River Adventure”

Fishie lives with his family in the upper stream of a river in Hong Kong. One day, Mum asked Fishie to visit his Aunt downstream. What adventures will Fishie have on this journey? Can Fishie arrive Aunt’s home successfully?

Electronic book: Click here

Audio book: Click here


“Water Drops: Our Superhero”

Water Drops are Sunny’s friends. They also lend a helping hand with our daily lives. Sunny discovered that the number of Water Drops become smaller and smaller. Why have they been disappearing? Can Sunny save the lives of Water Drops?

Electronic book: Click here

Audio book: Click here


Schools that use the two children books for teaching purposes are eligible for the Colouring Competition, details are as follows:


Competition Groups:

1. Kindergarten

2. Primary 1-3



Schools are required to explain the two children books or the audio books to their students. Register by filling up the form before 23:59 on May 29, 2022. Once confirmed, JC-WISE will provide the colouring sheets to teachers via email.


Deadline for Submission of Paintings:

Schools are required to submit the completed paintings on or before July 1, 2022 (Friday) to Paintings submitted after the deadline will be disqualified.



3 Winners and 5 Merit Award awardees will be selected for each Group. Prizes are as follows:

First Prize: Certificate and $300 book coupons

Second Prize: Certificate and $200 book coupons

Third Prize: Certificate and $100 book coupons

Merit Award: Certificate and $50 book coupons