Celebration of World Water Day 2019

To celebrate the World Water Day, JC-WISE launched the “Water Wise Campus” campaign and “Water Wise Tram” on March 22, 2019.


Through the first joint effort between a local University and its catering outlets across the campus, “Water Wise Campus” enables the University community and general public to understand the connections between our daily dietary habit and their impacts on freshwater resources, as well as the notion of avoiding water wastage by reducing food waste.


JC-WISE also presents the “Water Wise Tram” which will service through Hong Kong from March 22 to April 19, 2019, with the aim to raising public’s awareness of the importance of water sustainability. The tramcar, which is designed by an aspiring local illustrator, showcases features of our local rivers that highlight the multiple values of river, as well as combining delectable local foods with the concept of flowing water to highlight unseen water consumption behind food production, to bring out the messages of “River-friendliness” and “Water Wise”.