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Title The Autistic Youth Pre-job Training Project – Self-learning CD-ROM
Organization Heep Hong Society
Resource Type Learning Tools
Target Audience Parents, Public
Language Chinese
Description To help teenagers with autism find employment, Heep Hong Society has produced “The Autistic Youth Pre-job Training Project – Self-learning CD-ROM”, which throws light on job-related problems often encountered by autistic people, such as interview skills, workplace demeanor, problem-solving skills, and financial management. Depicting how autistic people react in certain scenarios and sharing coping strategies offered by professionals, the CD-ROM is set to gird autistic youth up for employment. Sharing from parents, employers and autistic peers was also included to provide viewers with a wider perspective on autistic people. Under the Autistic Youth Pre-job Training Project, Heep Hong Society, in collaboration with MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Ltd., also published a booklet entitled “A Job Opportunity for Autistic Youth” to highlight the traits and qualities of autistic people especially their capability on working in order to let employers have a better understanding of their strengths. For free copies of both the self-learning CD-ROM and booklet, please contact Hoi Fu Centre at 2777 5588.