Intimate Partner Violence


(Keywords: Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence)

The social issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Hong Kong is getting more serious in recent years. The number of battered spouse cases tripled from 1,009 cases at 1998 to 3,034 cases in 2002, steadily increase to a peak number of nearly 7,000 cases in 2008.

The case introduces the audience to common risk factors of IPV and how they relate to socio-economic characteristics unique to Hong Kong. These considerations often provide insights and nuanced explanations on why victims decline to leave an abusive relationship, or fail to recognize their being abused. The phenomenon also expands to cohabitants comprising family members. This case can be used in teaching intimate partner violence and family planning policies.


  • Dr Petula Ho, HKU
  • Kwok Chi, HKU

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