Forum on Grant-Making from Hong Kong and Mainland Perspectives

Mr Guangshen Gao, Program Director, UBS Optimus Foundation; Ms Cecilia Ho, President, Lee Hysan Foundation; Mr Huanbiao Liao, Former Executive Director, Qichuang Social Services Centre; Ms Jianmei Peng, Executive Secretary-General, China Charity Alliance; Ms Linda To, Executive Director, HER Fund

Hong Kong Perspectives
  Ms Cecilia Ho
President, Lee Hysan Foundation 
  Ms Linda To
Executive Director, HER Fund
PowerPoint Presentation
Mainland Perspectives 
  Mr Guangshen Gao
Program Director, UBS Optimus Foundation 
  Mr Huanbiao Liao
Former Executive Director
Qichuang Social Services Centre
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Ms Jianmei Peng
Executive Secretary-General, China Charity Alliance
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Dr Yu Chan
Deputy Programme Director
Master of Social Sciences in Nonprofit Management
The University of Hong Kong 
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