Executive Institute


It focuses on events to strengthen leadership of the sector, stimulate sensitivity to social issues through exposure to global experience, and nurture innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainability. Through interactive training, senior executives of local NGOs will be able to exchange views and experience with cross-sectoral counterparts, academic and overseas experts. In this way NGO leaders will be stimulated to address and resolve critical social issues through creative new perspectives.

Past events1

Total Number of Events: 10

Number of Participants: 606

Forum on NGO Board Governance: Leaders’ Reflection and Learning

AP3A8445  AP3A8456  AP3A8462

Workshop on Programme Strategic Planning in Mainland China for NGOs and Foundations

AP3A7863  AP3A7831  AP3A7859

Finding Money to Do Good: A Fundraising Workshop for NGOs

AP3A7670  AP3A7683  AP3A7662