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Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the major commercial and tourist centres in Hong Kong. It is also a place with a long history of Indian and South Asian migration. However, not all of us are aware of their contributions to Hong Kong society and the richness of their cultures and lifestyles.

Tsim Sha Tsui Community Walk aims to enable Hong Kong residents to appreciate the cultures and lived experiences of ethnic minorities in this local community. The programme, co-developed with the social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL, is designed to be interactive and experiential. Non-Chinese cultural ambassadors from WEDO GLOBAL serve as guides in the walking tours, introduce various spots of interest to the participants, and promote inter-ethnic communication with the participants.

Between September 2018 and May 2019, JCLCDS and WEDO GLOBAL jointly provided 30 tours for a total of 695 participants. The participants included primary, secondary and university students, teachers, parents, NGO members, and ordinary citizens. The results from the feedback forms indicated that participants showed a more positive outlook towards social inclusion and cultural diversity in Hong Kong after participating in this programme.

 Mobile App

The App (Tsim Sha Tsui Walk for Cultural Diversity )has been jointly launched by JCLCDS and the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, to promote the sustainability of the walking tours programme.

You may use this app to visit the multi-ethnic communities in Tsim Sha Tsui. The app provides information of 13 selected spots with historical background, quiz on cultural diversity, and real-life stories of ethnic minorities supplemented by pictures and videos. You may use the photography function to record your visit to the spot.

Let’s go! Let’s re-visit the history and culture of ethnic minorities in Tsim Sha Tsui.



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Let’s go and see South Asian lifestyles

In this video, Balal temporarily acts as a tour guide. He will lead you to visit several spots of interest in Tsim Sha Tsui where you will learn of some lifestyles of the South Asian people.

The Story of Akbar

This is a story about Akbar, a local-born Indian young man and his family. It tells the backgrounds and stories of Akbar’s grandfather, father and Akbar himself. This is a typical Indian family you may find in Tsim Sha Tsui. Stand-up actor, Vivek Mahbubani, performs the roles of the three generations of Akbar’s family.



「尖沙咀社區行」的目的是透過實地考察和互動體驗,讓參加者認識香港少數族裔人士的宗教、文化特色和生活方式。計劃邀得社區伙伴「愛同行 」合作,社區行的嚮導是來自愛同行的少數族裔青年,他們以生動活潑的方式帶引參加者觀覽重要景點,使參加者可親身體驗跨種族社會共融。








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導賞短片Let’s go and see South Asian lifestyles


導賞短片The Story of Akbar

Akbar是一位土生土長的印度男孩,短片介紹Akbar的祖父、父親和Akbar本人的來歷和故事,這是一個你可能會在尖沙咀遇上的印度家庭。棟篤笑演員Vivek Mahbubani飾演Akbar三代人的角色。