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Please find the winners of each category and the online gallery at the links below:

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April is ‘Autism Awareness Month’.  Various types of activities are held around the world to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and promote a caring culture.  Therefore, the ‘JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network’ (‘JC A-Connect’) is organising a drawing competition, with ‘care and social inclusion’ as its theme, to promote care, respect and social inclusion in the community.


  • Provide an opportunity for Hong Kong students and the public to demonstrate their creativity and maximise their potential to the fullest through drawing;
  • Showcase the award-winning artworks to the public; promote care, mutual respect and social inclusion in the community.


Combat COVID-19 in an inclusive society

Poster (Only available in Chinese)

Rules and Regulations

Details of the competition

  1. Categories and qualifications
  • Hong Kong primary school students
  • Hong Kong secondary school students
  • Other members of the public
  1. Specifications
  • No limits to the orientation of the paper, materials used and creation methods.
  • The size of the artwork should be limited to 150cm tall and of reasonable weight to fit the potential exhibition in the future.
  • Exhibit safety, public safety, construction safety and feasibility, will be considered in the selection, and the organiser has the right to decide whether the works meet the required conditions.
  • Please pay attention to the submission requirements such as work descriptions, work proposals or videos if the submission is an installation, video or other interactive art forms (see online registration link for more details).
  1. Submission method
  • All registrations and artworks must be submitted via the link below.
  • Each registrant can submit one entry only.
  • The artwork can be uploaded as a scanned copy, a photo or a video. The uploaded file should not exceed 5MB.
  • The uploaded artwork must be clear; please keep the original work for future reference.
  • Deadline: Monday, March 29, 2021; overdue submission will not be accepted.
  1. Judging criteria
Content Creativity Colour
Composition Techniques
  1. Results announcement
  • The results of the drawing competition will be announced on the project website (jca-connect.hk) on Monday, April 19, 2021; the awardees will be notified separately.
  1. Awards

Authors of the best artworks from each category will be awarded:

  • Champion – a trophy and book coupons worth HK$1,000
  • First runner-up – a trophy and book coupons worth HK$750
  • Second runner-up – a trophy and book coupons worth HK$500
  • Merit awards (multiple) – a certificate of merit
  1. Artwork showcase

Selected submitted artworks may be exhibited online.

The award-winning artworks may be exhibited and/or made into souvenirs.

  1. Related Activities

3 related online workshops are organised for the public

Click here for more details (Only available in Chinese)


  1. All submitted artworks will be handled by the organiser; they will not be returned regardless of being awarded or not.
  2. Participants must meet the qualifications specified in this regulation. The organiser holds the final rights to decline applications.
  3. By participating in the Competition, the participant warrants that his or her entries are original, have not been previously published, do not infringe on any third party’s rights, and that he or she has obtained all necessary permission from any third party, if required, for publication of his or her entries. Anyone who is in breach of this will be disqualified, and the legal liabilities involved shall be borne by the participants
  4. Submitted work must not contain defamatory or insinuating elements. The organiser will not be responsible for any related complaints.
  5. The Hong Kong Jockey Club owns the copyright of all submitted artworks. The organiser holds the rights to use submitted artworks for media printing, publishing, exhibition, promotion and publicity, without extra consent of the applicant or paying royalty to the applicant.
  6. The organiser holds the rights to amend the above provisions at any time. The final decision of the competition belongs to the organiser, including the results of judging, awards and other relevant arrangements.


Please call 3917 1224 (Miss Lau) or email aconnect@hku.hk.




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