Love Plus Hope Community Interest Company


(Keywords:  social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial philanthropy)

Philanthropists have long tried to improve social conditions through charity, but recently, social enterprise has emerged as an alternative. ‘Love Plus Hope’ Community Interest Company is a case in point which reveals the meaning of “doing good well”.

This case illustrates the social values and strategic impacts behind an entrepreneurial vehicle and showcases decision dilemma involved. Students are benefited by contemplating the intricacy of a blended value model, while adopting a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary lens to reflect the way to do good well. This case can be used in teaching social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial philanthropy, strategic planning and humanistic management.


  • Professor Wai-Fung Lam, HKU
  • Dr Elaine Chan, HKU
  • Viviana Wu, HKU

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