Welcome to Internship Week 2022!

This mini-website is to provide you with an overview of SIGC summer internship application details and all in-person and online activities to support your application.

This summer we will offer around 470 internship opportunities with over 140 Community Partners in Hong Kong and around the world. There will be non-local internships in Australia, Canada, Mainland China, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition, we will continue to offer the “Global Citizenship@Home” internships for students to gain cross-cultural skills and explore global issues without leaving Hong Kong. This year we will have four workshops on job seeking skills for your preparation of internship application. There are also two virtual events for you to chit-chat with Community Partners or former interns. If you need personalised advice, please come to our individual consultation sessions. Walk-ins are welcome.

Over 140

Community Partners

More than 210

Internship Topics/Posts

Around 475

Placement Quota

Deadline of Application

January 26, 2022 (12:00 noon)

Internship Period

June 6 – July 29, 2022*

unless otherwise specified

Internship Week Schedule 2022

A series of activities are available, both online and in-person, during Internship Week to assist you in preparing the application. There are workshops on job-seeking skills and individual consultation sessions to offer you advice on identifying your choices among the number of internship opportunities and get prepared for the application. You are also invited to join the Virtual Internship Expo and meet with our Community Partners online at Gather Town. Register now to reserve a seat!

Virtual Internship Expo
@ Gather Town

This year, the Faculty has developed a virtual space on Gather Town platform where students can access the background information of Community Partners and internship descriptions.  

Two virtual chit-chat sessions will be available for students to interact with Community Partners. Students are encouraged to join the chat to better understand the requirements, expectations and other additional information regarding the placements.

[For security reason, the virtual space is encrypted with password. Please refer to the Faculty’s email (Subject: “FOSS Internship Week 2022 (January 17-26)” sent from “socii@hku.hk”) for the Password]


Chit-chat Sessions
with Community Partners


Opening + Chit-chat with Community Partners
Session 1


Chit-chat with Community Partners
Session 2


Job-seeking Skills Workshops


Linking-in to Internship Opportunities
via Your Social Media Profile

By Ms Connie Tsui-Burchfield,
Career Coach & Founder,
Radix Consulting Ltd.


CV Writing Skills Workshop

By Dr Ken Yau,
Experiential Learning Team,
Faculty of Social Sciences


Career Development and Internship Workshop

By Dr Ken Yau,
Experiential Learning Team,
Faculty of Social Sciences


Interview Skills Workshop

By Ms Lancy Chui,
Senior Vice President,
ManpowerGroup Greater China


with EL Team @Zoom/@EL Hub (Walk-in Welcome)

Meeting ID: 918 5845 5209
Password: 234515 




12:00noon – 1:00pm

January 22

Want to talk about the big life questions about career development and internships in the Friday afternoon of your first week of the semester? Come join us on Zoom! Dr. Marty Forth will host the discussion together with three recent graduates from Faculty of Social Sciences. Tony, Jeremy and Eric all were in the same internship in Vietnam in 2017 and then set off their different paths after graduation. They will chat with you about their journey we hope will give you some inspiration.


Dr Marty W. Forth
Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Social Science

Dr. Forth has worked for 20+ years in Canada, the USA and Asia as a social worker, non-profit manager and community leader creating and teaching about community programmes for children, teens and family formation and maintenance. He currently resides in Hong Kong with his husband Patrick and their 10-year old son Grayson. Currently, Dr. Forth is an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Hong Kong, and is teaching and conducting research on leadership, experiential learning, and social work.

Sharing by alumni:

Tony Ko
BSocSc (2017)

Jeremy Yip
BSocSc (2019)

Eric Tang
BSocSc (2020)

*Walk-in Welcome

Meeting ID: 970 3267 3996

SIGC Options

How to pick your internship?

Before looking for an internship, students should first figure out the SIGC requirements of their curriculum – whether they are required to fulfill SI or GC or both. Please review the SIGC requirements of your degree programme if you are not sure. 

We understand there are many considerations while choosing an internship. There is no perfect internship to apply for but you can figure out which one aligns best with your interest, career goals, skills, language requirements and experience. And we encourage you to be curious and to venture out from your comfort zone. Here are some filters to assist you in making a wise choice –

  • By Projects – Specialised project-based internships that tailor for your unique learning experience
  • By Social Issues – Exploration of specific problems that match your interest categorised under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • By Internship Topics – Nature of job tasks and sectors that fit your career inspiration, skills and knowledge 

Join the Virtual Internship Expo at Gather Town to see the internship topics with detailed job descriptions.

Placements by Projects

Placement-based Internships

Local and Non-local Internship

Placement-based internships offer students the off-campus learning opportunities to work locally and abroad as interns at various kinds of organisations, including NGOs, social enterprises, think-tanks, startups, business corporations and etc. for a variety of posts and topics ranging from education and communication to research and community services.

In this summer, we have non-local placement opportunities in Australia, Canada, Mainland China, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Korea and Taiwan.

We will continue offering the ‘Community-Engaged Research Internship’ this summer. Student Interns will be able to conduct a complete project impact assessment or policy need analysis with a local NGO under the supervision of an academic staff. Please see the project details under Local Internships. 

Global Citizenship@Home (GC@Home)

GC@Home internship offers a cross-cultural context for students to understand the global issues in Hong Kong, which can also meet the Global Citizenship requirement.

Project-based Internships

Service Learning in China (6 credits)

The 6-credit Service Learning in China (SLC) programme offers intensive four-week (June 20 – July 15, 2022) learning opportunities for students working for a specific community-based/ research-based project in China. In this summer, there are three Community Partners, including Institute of Social Science Survey (中國社會科學調查中心), Intellisia Research Institute (海國圖智) and Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum (PEER毅恒挚友) offering six tailor-made projects in Beijing, Changsha and Guangzhou.

SLC provides flexibility allowing Social Sciences students to gain additional cross-border learning opportunity for another endorsed 6-credit course from exchange programme in configuring Global Citizenship requirement.

For non-Social Sciences students and Social Sciences students who have completed Global Citizenship requirement, they can take this 6-credit SLC as their free electives to enrich their portfolio of working experience in China.

Social Innovator

Social Innovator offers both local and non-local opportunities for students to learn the entrepreneurial process and to create out-of-the-box solutions with first-hand experience working in innovative social enterprises, interacting with changemakers and understand how the system works for social enterprises.

IDEA Incubator

IDEA Incubator is designed for students committed to address pressing social problems in new and smart ways, combating social challenges through developing an idea of their own. The programme aims to provide a platform for students to create and scale their innovative idea by emphasising three learning lenses: the social problem, the enterprising individual, and the requirements of the pathway to social innovation.

Student-teams will intern at a local social innovative enterprise for 8 weeks. They will receive first-hand exposure to the social problem and study the creative solution. Training and mentorship will be provided throughout the course. Each team will create a “smart idea” and to pitch their business proposal at the end of course. Outstanding ideas may be funded for prototyping beyond the course level.

Placements by Social Issues (17 Sustainable Development Goals)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. For details of SDGs, please refer to the following designated website https://sdgs.un.org/goals.

Please click the icon for the list of community partners.

Placements by Internship Topics (5 Categories)

Internship opportunities are grouped under 5 categories based on the nature of job tasks and sectors. You can filter the placements by the below 5 categories on the Online Application System:

  • Clinical and Educational Services (CES)
  • Communication, Media and Culture (CMC)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Community or Social Services (CSS)
  • Research and Policy Analysis (RPA)


Application Schedule

Activity Date
Application Period
January 17, 2022 (6:00pm) – January 26, 2022 (12:00noon)
Announcement of 1st round results
February 21, 2022
Announcement of 2nd round results
March 11, 2022
Announcement of 3rd round results
March 31, 2022
*Special arrangement of Global Citizenship (GC) internships application in Summer 2022: FOSS students in their third year of study or above will have priority to apply for GC internships (including non-local internships, GC@Home, Social Innovator in China and SLC programme) in the first round of application for meeting their graduation requirements by 2023. For FOSS students in the first and second year of study, your application for GC internships will only be processed from second round onwards, meanwhile such application from non-FOSS students will be processed in a later round, if quota available. If you have any special circumstances, please contact socii@hku.hk for enquiry

Before your application submission, please note the following important regulations about internship application:

  1. For non-local internships, some of the placements will be cancelled or switched to remote working if travel restrictions continue, unless stated otherwise in the job description. The Faculty will announce the decision in due course.
  2. According to the Regulation, students are not allowed to take courses over the maximum study load of 72 credits in one academic year. In this connection, you are reminded to reserve 12 credits for Social Innovation / Global Citizenship Internship in the 2021-2022 academic year.
  3. Non-acceptance of internship offers will be penalised and your entire application will be withdrawn. Your next application for internship placement will only be processed from the second round in that exercise.
  4. Once you have accepted the internship offer, your withdrawal or incompletion of the internship will result in FAILURE of the internship course.
  5. As stipulated from the above Regulation (3), for students who did not accept the internship offer in the previous exercise but wish to apply for Summer Internship 2022, your application will only be processed from the second round in late February 2022 as penalty.

Apply Now

Application Tips

Application and Selection Procedures

How to Secure an Internship Offer

CPs and Students’ Voices

Learn Beyond the Names


Across U-hub

Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants

Official China

Youth and Family Services Section, TWGHs

Learn Beyond the Internship Task

Social Innovation and Global Citizenship Internships are specially designed to encourage students to maximise their full potential by going beyond the confines of the campus, their academic discipline and geographical boundaries. Internships adopt a multidisciplinary and practice-oriented approach engaging students to expand social awareness through working with community partners. The internships deliverables are to enhance social development and promote social innovations. We are glad to show you some of the students’ work and its community impact, locally and internationally.

Photos from SIGC Summer Internship Photo Competition

SIGC Summer Internship Photo Competition provides opportunities for student interns to share their learning experience. Here are the award-winning photos in 2020 and 2019.

Gold Prize (2020)

The joy of harvest under COVID-19

Photo taken by: MAK Shui Wa Sarah

Community Partner:
Rooftop Republic Urban Farming @Hong Kong

Silver Prize (2020)

Even the rain was heavy on that day, our colleagues were still energetic to clean the beach! I was overwhelmed by their passion.

Photo taken by: LIN Shitong

Community Partner:
KPMG China (SH) @Shanghai, China

Bronze Prize (2020)

A carefully planned workshop on elderly and softmeal turned into a semi-improvised event after the unexpected surge of COVID-19 cases. Us interns were overwhelmed by the last-minute adjustments and only had time for a photo after the successful workshop.

Photo taken by: LEE Wing Lam

Community Partner:
Social Enterprise Business Centre, Hong Kong Council of Social Service @Hong Kong

Popularity Prize (2020)

Besides food waste, eggshell recycling is necessary but absent. Several barrels of eggshells are discarded every day. Apparently, we should consider innovative ways, such as eggshell painting, to upcycle eggshells.

Photo taken by: MA Fong Ching

Community Partner:
Ever Green Association @Hong Kong

Gold Prize (2019)

Photo taken by: LIM Janghyeok
Community Partner: Centre for Social Change @Nepal

Silver Prize (2019)

Photo taken by: LUO Shengwei
Community Partner: Sino Africa Centre of Excellence @Kenya

Bronze Prize (2019)

Photo taken by: CHENG Winki
Community Partner: Kids4kids @Hong Kong

Students' Work



Short video about migrants

GLoCal Vietnam 2017

GLocal Nepal 2019


Application and Selection Proedures

How to Secure an Internship Offer

Contact Us

Academic Advice:

Ms Elsa Lam


Mr Ken Yau


Ms Winky Wu


Technical enquiries:

Mr Maurice Tam


General Enquiries:

Tel: (852) 3917 1212
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Partnership for the Goals
Community Partners:

  • American Club Foundation
  • Bilby
  • Bridge to China(Wu Zhi Qiao) Charitable Foundation
  • Garage Society
  • Intellisia Research Institute
  • The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society
  • The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China
  • Transitional Justice Working Group 

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Community Partners:

  • ALPHA Education
  • Central and Western Branch, Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
  • Civic Party x Station 202
  • Community-Engaged Research Internship
  • Human Asia
  • Human Rights League Slovakia / Liga za ludske prava
  • Lui Che Woo Prize for World Civilisation
  • MWYO Limited
  • Our Hong Kong Foundation
  • Path of Democracy
  • Roundtable
  • The Democratic Party
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups 

Life On Land
Community Partners:

  • Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
  • Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre
  • SPCA

Life Below Water
Community Partners:

  • Ocean Park Hong Kong

Climate Action
Community Partners:

  • Carbon Care Asia
  • Civic Exchange
  • Rooftop Republic Urban Farming 

Responsible Consumption & Production
Community Partners:

  • Alaya Consulting Limited
  • Allianz Global Investor
  • Chopsticks Company Limited
  • Feeding Hong Kong
  • Food Angel
  • Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement 

Sustainable Cities & Communities
Community Partners:

  • Across U-hub
  • Agile Group Holdings Limited
  • Asia Society Hong Kong Center
  • Asian Academy of Family Therapy
  • Business Environment Council
  • Centre for Civil Society and Governance
  • Chou, Ta-Kuan Cultural & Educational Foundation
  • CTY (Philosophy) Limited
  • EmpowerU
  • Gobeyond
  • HandsOn Hong Kong
  • HK Artion
  • HKSKH Welfare Council
  • Hok Yau Club
  • Hong Kong Arts Centre
  • Hong Kong Policy Research Institute- Hong Kong Vision Project
  • Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute
  • Hulu Culture Limited
  • Institute of Social Science Survey
  • Inter Cultural Education
  • Korea Gap Year
  • KPMG
  • KPMG China (BJ)
  • KPMG China (GZ)
  • KPMG China (SH)
  • MTR Corporation
  • Non-Profit Incubator (Shanghai)
  • NWS Holding Limited
  • PCCW
  • Public Bank (Hong Kong)
  • Resolve Foundation
  • Saint Barnabas' Society and Home
  • Shanghai Film Comment Society
  • Shanghai United Foundation
  • Shunde Foundation For Innovation And Entrepreneurship
  • SIFL Institute
  • Social Innovator in China
  • Strategic Financial Relations Limited
  • Urban Spring Co Ltd.
  • Vision Youth Leadership Development Centre
  • Walk in Hong Kong Limited
  • Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation 

Reduced Inequality

Community Partners:

  • Branches of Hope
  • Caritas Rehabilitation Service
  • Cultural Infusion
  • Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Fair Employment Agency
  • Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES)
  • Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF
  • Oxfam Hong Kong
  • PathFinders Limited
  • RUN HK
  • Sany Foundation
  • Save the Children
  • Social Enterprise Business Centre under the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • South China Morning Post - Operation Santa Claus
  • Sowers Action
  • UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) 

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Community Partners:

  • Archiparti
  • Edvanced
  • LuTech
  • Mint Asia Ltd
  • Shoaling Limited
  • Star of Social Innovation 

Decent Work & Economic Growth
Community Partners:

  • Action for REACH OUT
  • Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM)
  • Black Ant Capital
  • Financial Times
  • Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs
  • Hong Kong Women Workers' Association
  • The Federation of Hong Kong & Kowloon Labour Unions 

Affordable & Clean Energy

Community Partners:

  • Blue Sky
  • CarbonCare InnoLab

Gender Equality

Community Partners:

  • The Women’s Foundation

Quality Education

Community Partners:

  • Autism Partnership
  • Capala Limited
  • Edge Development Centre
  • JEMS Character Academy
  • Kids4Kids
  • La Violet Charity Foundation
  • Link Education Limited
  • Mini Mandarins
  • OneMoreStep Development
  • Pad for Hope
  • Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum (PEER)
  • Playright Children’s Play Association – HSBC Playright Playscope
  • Principal Chan Free Tutorial World
  • Race for Education Accessibilities for Every Child
  • Teach for Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Children’s Discovery Museum
  • The Sprouts Foundation Limited

Good Health & Well-being

Community Partners:

  • Harbour Sport
  • Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association
  • Inner Edge
  • InspiringHK Sports Foundation
  • Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation
  • Neurum
  • Prenetics
  • Project Orbis International, Inc
  • Psychological Services Unit, Fire Services Department
  • TreeholeHK
  • Vision Laboratory, Tohoku University
  • Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Bradbury Day Activity Centre
  • Youth Outreach

Zero Hunger

Community Partners:

  • Feeding Hong Kong


No Poverty
Community Partners:

  • Amity Foundation, Hong Kong
  • ELCHK Communion Lutheran Elderly Health Centre
  • End Poverty
  • Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor
  • Operation Blessing
  • World Vision Hong Kong