Pre-conference Workshop

Date/Time Programme Speaker Language
July 8 (Thu)
Autism and Inclusion I Feel Good at School: Well-being as the Lever for Successful Inclusion of Students with Autism Dr Peter Vermeulen
Senior Autism Lecturer and Consultant, Autism in Context


For students with autism, attending school is like having a double curriculum: on top of the standard curriculum with it’s traditional learning outcomes, there’s also a second curriculum: learning to navigate the social school world, coping with the sensory environment, surviving unpredictability and uncertainty, understanding neurotypical communication. No wonder so many students with autism are stressed at school or drop out of school. Therefore, the ‘second curriculum’ needs to be addressed to ensure succesful inclusion of pupils and students on the autism spectrum. Addressing their needs and enhancing their well-being at school by creating autism friendly schools is necessary to ensure that they can fully focus on the standard curriculum and get equal chances for learning. In the workshop we will explore some of the basic guidelines for creating autism friendly schools and give some concrete tips to enhance the inclusion of children and youngsters with autism. We will focus both on the content of teaching (what to teach?) as on the style of teaching (how to teach?). We will cover a.o. the autism friendly communication style, how to have autistic students work in group, how to address their sensory issues.