Accepted Poster Guidelines

All accepted posters will be presented at the event venue during July 9,2021. The electronic version of these posters will be uploaded onto the conference platform.

Authors can record a video presentation to introduce their poster. The video will be available online to event registrants.

Consent documents will be sent to authors together with the acceptance notification.

Important Notes

  • The Conference Organising Committee will print out and mount all accepted posters for presentation on July 9, 2021 at The University of Hong Kong.
  • Authors will need to submit the electronic version of the FULL poster by June 30, 2021. Late submissions of full posters will NOT be entertained. It will be assumed that these authors withdraw voluntarily from the submission. Their abstracts will NOT appear in the Conference Programme Book.
  • The poster is suggested to be:
    - 90 cm x 150 cm in size;
    - 300 dots per inch (dpi) in Photoshop format;
    - at least 4,000 pixels x 6,000 pixels in JPEG format
  • Authors should include the poster title, name of author(s), email contact of at least one author, and illustrations like figures, tables, colour photographs, charts, etc. in the poster.
  • Authors should write in either English or Chinese for the entire poster.
  • Illustrations should be readable from a distance of approximately three feet.
  • Please email the Conference Organising Committee at for inquiry.