“Same Among The Differences” Storytelling & Craft-making Workshops

5 storytelling & craft-making workshops were organised in kindergartens and primary schools for students to have better understanding people with ASD and eliminate various misunderstandings. The events aim to encourage students to show more care and mutual respect to people with ASD, and build a diversified and harmonious society together.

We published a storybook titled “Same Among The Differences” which tells stories of Bling Bling and eight characters of Mr. Men Little Miss. We hope the public would be able to understand the uniqueness of children with ASD through this storybook, so that they could be valued and accepted.

In the storytelling & craft-making workshops, the instructor told the story of “Same Among The Differences”, and the students learnt to make small crafts by using the characters in the story.

  • Year Categories: 2021


20/11/2021 - 08/12/2021


Local primary schools and kindergartens

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