DRAW ALL YOU CAN summer workshop

Thank you for supporting the Draw-All-You-Can Workshop.

You can re-watch the workshop at this link. (Only available in Cantonese)

Students with ASD, families and their friends are cordially invited to stay home and join our live streaming DRAW ALL YOU CAN workshop this summer. During the workshop, the participants can express their emotions and thoughts as well as demonstrating their talents through arts. Using only drawing papers and 2 marker pens, the participants can create unique modern drawings together.



Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Time: 4pm
Location: Re-watch workshop
Materials needed: • Drawing paper (A2 size drawing paper or 4 A4 size papers)
• Black marker pens (2 different sizes)
• Scotch tape
• Creative cards (Click here to print)
Medium: Cantonese
Fee: Free
Background: Draw All You Can is a co-creation activity developed by Hiep Nguyen, founder of Circle Painting. Participants make use of creative cards to complete a drawing in a small group. The instructor will guide participants to be bold and imaginative. During the process of artwork creation, participants can relax and express their feelings and thoughts. It is also a great activity to strengthen interaction and communication skills.
Event Poster (Only in Chinese)
Enquiry: Tel: 3917 1224
Email: aconnect@hku.hk




4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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