2023 Hong Kong Book Fair “Bling Bling’s Adventure” Clown Drama Performance

A new storybook “Bling Bling’s Adventure” from JC A-Connect was launched in July 2023. The story is about Bling Bling’s adventure in search for a new species of red butterfly with his friends during the summer. It is hoped that readers would be able to learn the characteristics of people with ASD through the story while the general public was encouraged to show more care and respect to the ASD community and thus, building an inclusive society together.

The storybook debuted at the 33rd Hong Kong Book Fair, where experienced clown actors told the interesting story of “Bling Bling’s Adventure” to the audience. The performance can stimulate creativity and curiosity in children through storytelling and interactive games. Attractive prizes including butterfly balloons were gifted to those who answered the questions. The storybooks were distributed to the public for free at the Book Fair to advocate message on social inclusion.





1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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