Leadership and Governance

Board governance aims to ensure the strategic guidance of the NGO, the effective monitoring of the organisation’s management, and the board’s accountability to its key stakeholders, from service users and donors to the community and public in general. Strategic leaders are not passive recipients of changes in the environment and organisations, but rather can be dominant forces in affecting change. Strategic leadership involves interpreting the environment, crafting strategies, and building an organisation that thrives in dynamic environments. Building an organisation involves all means (e.g., structures, institutions, culture) to exploit and maintain an organisation’s competitive advantages and to assure balanced organisational controls in the service of the organisation’s vision and mission. Moreover, to leverage resources in, strategic leaders need to go beyond organisational and service boundaries and seek partnerships with other civil society actors of which collective efforts and voices will bring synergy, build community and social capital and benefit public governance.


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NGO Leadership and Governance


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