Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Social innovation looks to new ways, from strategies and concepts to processes and organisations, of attempting to address the needs of society. Social entrepreneurship has emerged in the last few decades as one response to addressing social issues, whereby individuals, groups, organisations or networks seek sustainable, large-scale social impact through innovative ideas that challenge the prevailing wisdom. Social entrepreneurship takes a blended values approach, that of delivering social change using concepts and principles from the business public or third sectors. Any profit earned through social entrepreneurship is reinvested back into society. Social entrepreneurship takes into account the “double” or sometimes even “triple” bottom line, not just individual gain but also social and ecological good.


E-engagement Capacity Enhancement for NGOs
institutional innovations
Empowering the Third Sector in Self-renewal Process-Building Up Collaborative and Innovative Problem Solving Platform in Hong Kong
Institutional Innovations
Organisational Empowerment
Social Entrepreneurship for Health-Enhancing Networks and Building Capacities
Social Entrepreneurship for Health


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