In the BASc programme, each student can enrol into courses that best fit their passions. With 90 free credits (up to 138 credits if ambitious enough), you can also declare your own major out of 70 choices of majors from across the University or up to two minors out of 86 choices. Interested in both nutritional science and psychology? Or physics and philosophy? This is the programme for you.

Link to list of different majors and minors offered by HKU

Course Selection

We understand that when given such unprecedented freedom, it can be difficult to choose what to do in university. Here is some advice for you when thinking about whether to take the BASc programme or some other programme; or, when thinking about specific courses to take whilst on the BASc programme:

Do not… Do…
Choose your favourite school subjects

  • There are many new choices that may interest you more in university
Open up to new subjects in university level

  • There is so much that might interest that we don’t even know exists until we get to university!
Pick a subject or degree that you think will secure you a job

  • The BASc will equip you with a broader range of skills and knowledge that will make you suitable for a vast array of jobs once you leave HKU. In our discussion with industry leaders they tell us that this is what they are looking for when they recruit students from university!
Pick something that fits your vision of the future; some jobs will be replaced by AI while some opportunities are opening up
Let others choose for you

  • It’s your degree; if you don’t enjoy it, you may find it difficult to see it through to the end.
Ask for advice from different people
Pick something just because your friends are taking it Explore new options and read more about them; there may be interesting connections between what you are doing and the new subjects
Take courses too randomly

  • There is so much to choose from but it’s wise to pick courses that have a common theme or are helping you achieve a particular goal. BASc students will regularly consult with the programme director in helping them to construct a specific degree plan that is broad but which has meaning and purpose!
Make sure you are aware of where you want to go throughout the journey

  • In the BASc you won’t be alone in this journey. You’ll be supported by our director and your fellow students.