Thanks to the smaller class size, you will receive a unique and personalised internship experience unlike any other students’ at HKU.

In addition to taking various local/overseas internship positions offered by our Community Partners in existing collaboration with HKU, students of the BASc programme will also receive help from their academic supervisor who will be from the field they are most interested in, as well as our Program Director, in seeking:

  1. Tailor-made positions from our existing Community Partner (some of our partners have other positions that they don’t currently offer to HKU students but, through consultation with our Programme Director, they may be able to open up new opportunities based on specific students’ interests).
  2. New Community Partners to establish new internship positions (Although our list of Community Partners is already large, we are always looking for more partners. If a BASc student has a specific interest not met by one of our existing partners, we will actively seek new opportunities with new partners who can fulfil our students’ ambitions).

This means that each student will be able to apply and integrate their interdisciplinary knowledge in the real world and acquire skills that are sought after in solving the questions they are interested in.

Faculty of Social Sciences Internship Programme