Industry partners tell us that university students are often too narrow in their focus and that they lack the independence and initiative that the modern workplace requires. The BASc programme challenges these assumptions and prepares students to have successful careers in any profession that attracts their interest. We will help you decide what you want to do and how you can do it!

The BASc therefore prepares students for infinite career possibilities:

  • Government officials, public policy, international organization, management consultancy, banking, entrepreneurs, arts/cultural sector, environmental services, museum/heritage, science writing/journalism, clinical/educational psychologist, marine biologist and non-governmental organisations.
  • If you would like to explore postgraduate study then the BASc also allows you to do this too, though we recommend that you choose a second major in the discipline of your choice as many postgraduate programmes have these requirements. For our students who choose this option, your BASc is incredibly valuable as you will have the same knowledge as other students with the same narrow major but you will also have taken many other courses from other disciplines that will mean you will be more likely to take a novel interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Your future career might not even exist yet, but the interdisciplinary training will prepare you for anything that might arise in this rapidly changing world.